Sunday, August 23, 2009

my mid term holiday in the hospital

salam n hi dear..

my life in a mess.seriously people. i'm drowning rite now. *help*
well, i'm safely in my bed rite now
what i am going to do?
of course la hupdate blog nie kan?


date: 10 August 2009
occasion: surprise party for cik anis's 22nd birthday
people in crime: me + kila + koyum + alimin + nazrin + birthday women *ops!*

here are the pitchas


birthday women and her cake

the cheese cake

the dishes

pieces of cake for the birthday women

people in crime

people in scene: kila + anis + me
MIA: dee

date: 14 August 2009
occasion: emergency going back to KL

here is the story


actually, i've already bought my Kangar-KL's ticket on Sunday morning
but, suddenly i've got a phone call from my mum that my lil' sis aina was charge into the hosp
due to her fever that did'nt recover about in 2 weeks
summore, my mum said doctor was ready to take aina's 'air sum-sum tulang'
it's freaking me out
on the spot, 1 of my house-mate
rempit-ed me to the Kangar bus station
i've bought Kangar-KL's ticket
and sold the next Sunday's ticket
thanx has
the 'scene' was really 'drama'


on Saturday morning
about 4 a.m i've arrived at Puduraya
God knows how the scene going on
and thank God that there is a lot of people walk-around in Pudu
not so many, but still they are there
i've waited my dad
about 5.30 a.m he is arrived
we are go straight to the hosp
i've used my dad's 'green card'
the pass for the parents to enter the ward
and it's valid for 24 hours *wee*
i've seen her
only God knows how's my feeling
my heart had ripped out since the second i saw her
with all the wires wrapped on her chest
her two feet with needles and tubes
those machines that operate beside her
it's a damn-scary-dream
for a 2 years old girl

here are the pitchas i've snap-ed


day 3
can't sit properly
she have no energy
only stand for a few sec
zoom in all the wires + tubes 'round her

day 6
look over her own hand

wanna have one?

day 8
got needle in another hand
the previous one got 'blocked'

day 10

in order to do the 'peace' sign

it's delicous. so what?


since she is admit to the hosp
i need to ulang-alik everyday
the last day i've saw her
she is in a good state
well, at first she got the fever
then my mum had took her to the hosp for check-up
2 times check-up
they said it's nothing to worry about
but until the day she been very weak
which is she only lying where ever she stand
and it was freaking out my mum
my parents took her to the hosp
the doctor had took her blood
and she was suspected have dengue
when her blood's result came out
i's not dengue
they can't figure out what she is suffer
her blood pressure always in a low state
which is very unnormal
then, the doctors want to take her 'air sum-sum tulang'
but was cancelled
because of her low BP
day by day
she is recover
the 'air sum-sum tulang' things
get cancelled


now, she already can sing a song
dance all around her bed
got her 'selera makan' back
her tummy become 'bulat' once again
although she keep crying when ever the mighty-antibiotic go through her vein
yeah, i'm glad she is ok rite now

thank God


the general hospital (HKL) was very busy
there a lot people and cars!!
one day, they might be build the traffic light within the hosp

i'm relief about her
i'm not relief yet about my works
there a loadsssss
of things need to settle down

tomorrow got TEST!!

seriously, i need more oxygen nowadays people

p/s- he came to the hosp on 16 August. we have a nice chit-chat and lunch. love is beautiful.


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