Monday, September 7, 2009

fall in love with the charming vampire~

salam n hi sayangss..

the last 2 days i've do nothing other than 'liburan' myself
pardon me =(
although i don't have so much works to do
but still, there is works i need to take care of
the FYPss things
every second when i remembered the works
automatically the face of my SV will appear in my head
what a scarry
thank God today is holiday
so, i'll recover the 'liburans' with settling my works


and yesterday i've been watched twilight
for my 1st time
yeah, it will sounds 'old skool'
and u know what?
it is the 1st time i've watched it
and then i repeat it again at nite
means i did watched it 2 times in 1 day


honestly, i've fall in love with that gorgeous-vampire
it is not because his handsome or his boyish looks
but the way his characters is
it is so sweet
if i'm bella
yeah, i'm also not afraid with the vampire like that


oh edward~


oh yeah
yesterday, my classmate n i went to Putra Brasmana Hotel
located in Kuala Perlis
to break our fast
the foods is not bad though
suitable with the price rm19.90 for each person
and the event will not complete without drama-ing with the camera!!

here are the pitchas ^_^


the tissue~

the girls

the people with full stomach *wee*

the yummy cuppies

p/s- am counting the day to go back hometown. can't wait!! *yay!*

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