Thursday, January 29, 2009

holiday mood + mode


last entry i cakap mls nk blk mlk kan??kan??
at last, blk gak. hohoho. i travelled from kl --> mlk on saturday and terus balik umah paklong without see him. seriously malas giler mau ketemu masa tue. then, on sunday my opah n i went back to our old house at masjid tanah. coz we need to 'kemas n buang' all the useless things. including my old clothes + books. opah siap bwat bundle sale lagik. sedih oke. but what i'm gonna do coz opah want to sell that house. wawawa. and he knows that i'm in masjid tanah. he called me thousands time, but i'm juz ignored. then, he called my grandma!! so? still i need to talk with him. suddenly, when i'm ate nasi lemak (maklong bekalkan pg tue) i'm heared the familiar sound ---> his bike. siap dtg umah oke. gigih btol. hohoho. mse tgh tgk tv sesame, tbe2 mood i oke. hahahahaha. sgt la lawak.
on da' nite, we had dinner together. including my opah. best sgt mlm tue *yippie*

on monday, i'm went back to kl. x dpt jmpe lame2 coz bus i kul 5 n he came late to fetch me. 3.30 pm bru sampai umah pklong (oh yeah, my paklong's fam already know him) *sigh*
yesterday, early in the morning. i'm woke up as usual. but i'm still in holiday mood actually. aiyakk! tp i gigih gak bgn oke. hohoho. FYI, the traffic in kl damn clear!! hahahaha. i like!


love is in the air

till then darl..


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