Monday, September 28, 2009

entry's mode: raayaa


salam aidilfitri..

oh, ampun ya ibu2 n dan bapak2 sekalian
sedia maklum
saya lagi bz dengan pelbagai urusan
tue yg x menyempat nak hapdate blog selalu

oke, today is 24th September 2009
the 5th raya
and i'm already in Kangar, Perlis
cam nk nangis mase naik bas mlm td

em, nak bercerita psl pengalaman balik raya arie 2
sila sediakan apa2 yg patut eh *wink*
oke, tiket balik raya sepatutnya jam 11.15 pg
bersamaan pada hari khamis iaitu 17hb Sept 2009
tapi kan kwn2..
tunggu punye tunggu
bas bertolak jam 12.30 tghari
oke, sabau lagi nie
bas tersebut bukan bas ekspress yer
sebalik nyer adalah




seat dia x yah nak ckp la kan
10 jam bai!!
tue belum ++ dengan jam bagai
tp xper, nak balik raya punyer pasal
i sanggup
em, dalam 5 min dlm bas
terus keluarkan kitab tebal
'new moon' by stephanie meyer
yang dipinjam khas dari cik a'a
tgh syok2 baca kitab
tibe2 dgr ringtone msg kuat giler
ringtone dimatikan
selang 2 min, ringtone jahanam tue bunyi lagik!
time tue dah mula x sedap duduk dah
tinjau punya tinjau
rupe nyer minah belakang punya handset
dlm 5 min kemudian
i dengar suara org menyanyi
lagu per?

lagu DANGDUT oke!

suara dia kuat giler
tuan punye handset yang ringtone msg dia kuat giler td yg nyanyi
dah la pakai baju kurung
siap goyang2 kaki lagik
i raser cam nak suruh perempuan tue diam jea
tp, relax faza..
puasa kan??
then, utk menyedapkan hati
i pun berdoa dlm hati
mintak2 minah belakang nie stop nyanyi dan slow kan ringtone msg dia
nasib baik doa termakbul

er, tgh asyik dok baca kitab
mata plak tibe2 mengantuk
so, i pon peluk la kitab tue
jd cam bantal bucuk
x berapa lama kemudian
tibe2 bas berhenti
whatthehell is going on??
bas rosak kah?
driver bas suruh kitorg turun
i tgh blur2 pon turun la skali
nampak diorng sume amik luggage msg2
gie kat bas lagi satu
i mean there is another bus in front of us
a real express bus
thank God!!

i've choose a single seat
what a comfy
continue with reading the kitab
untill my eyes feel sleepy once again


10 hours gone
still x sampai lagi
berbuka dlm bas
berbekal kan snickers + 2 biji karipap semalam + air mineral
traffic jam kat sg. buloh and seremban
around 10.30 sampai MC
msg-ing hubby
dia dah sampai MC
siap belikan Mc'D
thanx dear..

in order waiting for k. ain to fetch me up
i makan Mc'D ngan dia
he looks more 'man' than ever
i mean with those muscles
yeah, 8th years in relationship with him
i've see him growing up
then, around 11.15 pm k.ain pon sampai
off to paklong's house

i've stay at paklong's house till the 2nd day of raya
on the 2nd day raya, i went to ibu's village at Alor Gajah
u know what?
i've got fever + cold from my makcik
till today, i've still got it

on 3rd day raya, i went back to paklong's house again
on 4th raya, saya ber-dating ngan hubby
here are some pitchas
buat pencuci mata

ber-posing smbil rendam kaki..wee~


ini bukan candid. heh

menu wajib time dating

sila abaikan perut ittew. ngee~

actually x suke pon kuih bangkit..
tp opah pakse gak angkut bwk blk..hoho..

p/s- maaf coz pic ber-dating lebih byk daripada pic raya. *blink-blink*

PERHATIAN: entry ini telah ditaip oleh penulis sejak 3 hari yg lalu. disebabkan ader masalah2 teknikal, ia terpaksa ditangguhkan. harap maklum.


Monday, September 7, 2009

fall in love with the charming vampire~


salam n hi sayangss..

the last 2 days i've do nothing other than 'liburan' myself
pardon me =(
although i don't have so much works to do
but still, there is works i need to take care of
the FYPss things
every second when i remembered the works
automatically the face of my SV will appear in my head
what a scarry
thank God today is holiday
so, i'll recover the 'liburans' with settling my works


and yesterday i've been watched twilight
for my 1st time
yeah, it will sounds 'old skool'
and u know what?
it is the 1st time i've watched it
and then i repeat it again at nite
means i did watched it 2 times in 1 day


honestly, i've fall in love with that gorgeous-vampire
it is not because his handsome or his boyish looks
but the way his characters is
it is so sweet
if i'm bella
yeah, i'm also not afraid with the vampire like that


oh edward~


oh yeah
yesterday, my classmate n i went to Putra Brasmana Hotel
located in Kuala Perlis
to break our fast
the foods is not bad though
suitable with the price rm19.90 for each person
and the event will not complete without drama-ing with the camera!!

here are the pitchas ^_^


the tissue~

the girls

the people with full stomach *wee*

the yummy cuppies

p/s- am counting the day to go back hometown. can't wait!! *yay!*

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

aku,'skrol ajaib' dan tiket raya


hi peeps!!

oh, sekarang nie setiap entry dah hampir seminggu++ baru nak update
maaf yer
ke-sibuk-kan sering melanda *blink*
anyway, there is no interesting event last week
just i've a looong weekend
3 hari cuti meh *yay!!*


aina semakin sihat
but ibu x bagi dia keluar rumah sangat
atas nasihat doktor
and tiap2 kali msg ibu
tanya ibu masak lauk apa
dengar lauk2 yang best2 jea
masak itu..aisya nak makan..
masak ini..dila nak makan..
oh!! i'm jealous ok!!
since habis sekolah x dapat puasa kat rumah
hasilnya, tiap2 hari berbuka dengan nasi bungkus
nasib anak di perantauan


oh, yeah!
last week sangat busy
too much assignments
lab reportsss
FYP's thingss
oh, cepat la masa berlalu
really pengen itu 'skrol ajaib'
em, bila lihat senior2 yang dah konvo
tiba2 hati melonjak2 kegirangan
yelah, next year my turn plak yg melompat sakan dengan jubah besar tu


cakap pasal masa berlalu
the time flies so fast actually
today is 12th Ramadhan already
16 days to go people
tiket balik kampung udah selamat dibeli
tarikh keramatnya 17hb Sept
serius x sabar nak balik Melaka
this time, straight away go to rumah paklong
beraya kat sana
so, for sure raya nanti jadi baby-sitter
balik kampung..oh..oh..balik kampung..
oke, enuff *wee*
and guess what?
tiket Melaka-Kangar pun dah siap dibeli
it's him who bought it for me
on 24th Sept
haihh. awal giler balik Kangar
what to do meh, tiket nada


this week agak relax sikit
yeah, still got workss need to do
but i'm still ok with it
just hari nie otak agak tegang sikit
7 hours straight
from 8 am - 3 pm
summore with quiz + test + lab test
serius, biler sampai rumah
kepala agak keneneng
at last terus pengsan for half an hour


tomorrow got another test
the last one for 'test 1'
wish me luck darlss

flying kiss~

p/s- x sempat nak beli kebaya utk baju raya. next year la nampak nyer. *sigh*


Sunday, August 23, 2009

my mid term holiday in the hospital


salam n hi dear..

my life in a mess.seriously people. i'm drowning rite now. *help*
well, i'm safely in my bed rite now
what i am going to do?
of course la hupdate blog nie kan?


date: 10 August 2009
occasion: surprise party for cik anis's 22nd birthday
people in crime: me + kila + koyum + alimin + nazrin + birthday women *ops!*

here are the pitchas


birthday women and her cake

the cheese cake

the dishes

pieces of cake for the birthday women

people in crime

people in scene: kila + anis + me
MIA: dee

date: 14 August 2009
occasion: emergency going back to KL

here is the story


actually, i've already bought my Kangar-KL's ticket on Sunday morning
but, suddenly i've got a phone call from my mum that my lil' sis aina was charge into the hosp
due to her fever that did'nt recover about in 2 weeks
summore, my mum said doctor was ready to take aina's 'air sum-sum tulang'
it's freaking me out
on the spot, 1 of my house-mate
rempit-ed me to the Kangar bus station
i've bought Kangar-KL's ticket
and sold the next Sunday's ticket
thanx has
the 'scene' was really 'drama'


on Saturday morning
about 4 a.m i've arrived at Puduraya
God knows how the scene going on
and thank God that there is a lot of people walk-around in Pudu
not so many, but still they are there
i've waited my dad
about 5.30 a.m he is arrived
we are go straight to the hosp
i've used my dad's 'green card'
the pass for the parents to enter the ward
and it's valid for 24 hours *wee*
i've seen her
only God knows how's my feeling
my heart had ripped out since the second i saw her
with all the wires wrapped on her chest
her two feet with needles and tubes
those machines that operate beside her
it's a damn-scary-dream
for a 2 years old girl

here are the pitchas i've snap-ed


day 3
can't sit properly
she have no energy
only stand for a few sec
zoom in all the wires + tubes 'round her

day 6
look over her own hand

wanna have one?

day 8
got needle in another hand
the previous one got 'blocked'

day 10

in order to do the 'peace' sign

it's delicous. so what?


since she is admit to the hosp
i need to ulang-alik everyday
the last day i've saw her
she is in a good state
well, at first she got the fever
then my mum had took her to the hosp for check-up
2 times check-up
they said it's nothing to worry about
but until the day she been very weak
which is she only lying where ever she stand
and it was freaking out my mum
my parents took her to the hosp
the doctor had took her blood
and she was suspected have dengue
when her blood's result came out
i's not dengue
they can't figure out what she is suffer
her blood pressure always in a low state
which is very unnormal
then, the doctors want to take her 'air sum-sum tulang'
but was cancelled
because of her low BP
day by day
she is recover
the 'air sum-sum tulang' things
get cancelled


now, she already can sing a song
dance all around her bed
got her 'selera makan' back
her tummy become 'bulat' once again
although she keep crying when ever the mighty-antibiotic go through her vein
yeah, i'm glad she is ok rite now

thank God


the general hospital (HKL) was very busy
there a lot people and cars!!
one day, they might be build the traffic light within the hosp

i'm relief about her
i'm not relief yet about my works
there a loadsssss
of things need to settle down

tomorrow got TEST!!

seriously, i need more oxygen nowadays people

p/s- he came to the hosp on 16 August. we have a nice chit-chat and lunch. love is beautiful.


Friday, August 7, 2009



hi sayangs..

oh, it's been a while since my last update
my life is getting a lil' bit busy this semester
(final year la katakan..wek!!)
so, how's ur life guys?
much better than yesterday?
hope so huh..


time flies so fast people
we are in August already
oh, i just can't resist the last year's August memory
i'm the one of the busy-est people
(er, really???)
since i was one of the MPPs
it was made my life in a mess
the messy-er, the merrier


i'm still remember the last 2 semesters
i've been busy with the convocation's things
there are so many tasks in my hand
a special gratitude to all my friends
who are willing to help me
help me to calm down in order to finish the works
oh yeah, i wanna tell u something that might be worst
as a student
em, i've made the Friday as my 'working day'
yeah, which is i've skipped an hour lecture
thank God there is no lab session on Friday
it's all to settle all my appointments with the schools' teachers
u know what, i've done the appointment with headmasters actually
oh my..what ever it is
i need to handle it
thanks a lot to my dear friend
anis salwa ahmad
who are always accompanied me went to those schools


we are going to have the fasting month in about 2 weeks everyone
i'm just so excited
but, i did not fully recover my last fasting month yet


em, tonite my class mate and i
will have our dinner at pizza hut
oh, i just can't wait to grab the delicious piece of it
faza, calm down.
ok, this week my schedule will kind a 'pack'
need to do some revision for my studying
because i've got 2 papers to settle down next week
and i need to further a lil' bit far away
for my FYP


it's not easy to get the Bachelor (Hons) Computer Eng. though
wish me luck then.

flying kiss~

p/s- i'll be home in the next week.really hope can meet him.


Monday, July 27, 2009


hi peeps!!

well, as u know
i'm in bed rite now
still got 1 day free holiday due to the $%# virus
do not know what to do
act, i do have a lot of works
the FYP of course, the tutorials..
need do some notes of the subjects
but still
the 'rhythm' just not come in
the 'laziness' beyond the words people
what am i doing all this morning?
just doing some 'rubbish' stuff
do facebook-ing
do friendster-ing
review gossip girl season 1
plz! some one help me
help me to throw out all these crap things


and yes!
today is a raining day
which is make me feels much more lazy
more over with the gloomy atmosphere
filling in my day
it's just make my eye feel wanna close and cover up my body
with the bloody-comfortable comforter


the rain was a blessing from God
do not blame the rain though
it's me who are lazy without any excuse
need to be blame for it
suddenly i feel hungry
i just brewed a campbell's soup this morning for my breakfast
seems it can't stand no longer
i'm hungry already
need do some thing to fill my tummy
em, curry maggi may be..


updated: 20.56

actually, after i wrote all the things above
i ate my maggi
and then do some notes on my Operating System subject
well, on the evening
i went to 'mak anjang'
the most famous stall in our residential college
got 'nasi goreng kampung' as the main dish
the fried rice was so yummy
i always love the dishes at 'mak anjang'
cheap + a lot + yummy
i likeeeeee!!


just now, i've got information from 1 of my course mate
he said class for Dr. Ong was cancelled
60% - happy
40% - blurgh
but still
the 'happy' more than 'blurgh' though

em, got something to do people
due to my FYP's things
till the next post ya..

p/s- actually, i'm in strictly on diet. only take carb once a day.wish me luck. *blink*


being quarantine~

hello darlssssss..

lame giler x hapdet kan?
bukan nyer aper..
internet kat area kolej kediaman nie cam tuttutut sket
so, kena redo jea la..
so, how's life everybody?
mine?'s been a long story darls..
yela, name pon dah lame x hapdet kan..

oke, here are my events for the last 3 weeks:

went to jitra mall
with kila + koyum + alimin
had a fabulous day
went to watch transformers
had karaoke
and we had bowling game!!
best gilerr~


last 2 weeks,
me and my housemates
went to Alor Star Mall
we had watched the Ice Aged
had our dinner at Kuala Perlis
seafood.. *yummy*


and last week,
i've joined the 'Kem Kepimpinan Pengawas 2009'
as Facilitator
so tired meh
because it's been a long time not join in the camp like so
but still, thanx for the experience
being a faci
it's not an easy job though
need to patient with the school-kid behavior
before we off to home
we had watched Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince at Alor Star Mall

the school-kiddo in my group

-kila sms-ing
- emi being surroundded by the admirers *wink*
- me, in 'gumuk' shape *OMG*


and last Saturday
me and my course mate had bbq at abg adun's fruit farm
besh wooo..
bakar 3 ekor ayam
i gigih perap and bakar ayam2 tue
dah la panas terik time tue
memang menguji ketahanan fizikal n mental
at last
lebih kurang pukul 3.30pm bru dpt mkn
tp, serius berbaloi segala keringat
after bedal ayam bakar
kitorg pergi naik dusun plak
1st time mkn rambutan yg dipetik dari pokok
mkn durian - 2 ulas dah cukup
and..mkn buah langsat!!
nasib baik langsat nyer manisss
harapan jea nk bwat FYP arie 2..
last2, gie ber-bbq kat dusun
pardon me!! *blink2*

-we were trying to fit 5 people in 1
-climb up the 'dusun'


oh yeah!!
the fucking-virus ---> H1N1 had been spread in UniMAP!!
we had been quarantine already
plus, no water supply in all over residential college

p/s- u know what?i've gained 4 kg for the last 6 months.feel too gumuk rite now. blimey!!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

perbedaan itu..


hi there,

sebenarnya tidak tahu nak taip apa
tapi hati ini rasa hendak menaip juga
oh yeah!!
aku mahu bercerita mengenai kisah hidup 3 tahun yang lalu dan kini


aku tidak mempunyai komputer riba atau nama manjanya 'laptop'
oleh itu, setiap kali jika ada kerja yang perlu dibereskan
aku terpaksa membuat 'muka tebal 3 inci' di hadapan teman-teman
untuk meminta ehsan mereka
dan aku sangat beruntung kerana dikelilingi mereka-mereka yang amat memahami
sama juga dengan penggunaan internet
jika tiada 'laptop'
mana mungkin boleh melayari internet
jadi, jika aku mahu membuka alam maya friendster
aku juga terpaksa meminta ehsan mereka yang pemurah ini
jasa kalian amat aku hargai

tetapi kini
aku sudah mempunyai 'laptop' aku sendiri
kabel internet aku sendiri
dan yang paling penting
aku boleh 'online' di atas katil aku sendiri
ini semua bagaikan mimpi di siang hari
syukur kepada Tuhan
diatas segala rahmat yang telah diberikan
semoga hidup kita terus dilimpahi rahmatnya

p/s- miss my lil' bro n sis damn much!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



hi u0llss..'s been a long time i didn't update my blog..
jadi blogger murtad jap time holiday arie tue..heheh
anyway? what's the story guys?
i'm in perlis rite now
come back to my old life as a full time student *phew*
and guess what?
on the 1st day lecture, we already got Final Year Project (FYP) breifing
my lecturer had warn us to be more focus on this year
he said it's more better have no 'properly social life'
like have no 'mengelinjang' event am i suppose to do it??
even though this state have no any interest at all
but still, my friends and i still know how to enjoy ourselves

is it mean that i'll loose my 'life'??

oh yeah!! this year i've got my roomate
her name is jocelyne
since i've got a junior in my tiny room
my old bed had neen replaced with the double decker bed
for the 1st time
i don't like it..because it's just like a school-kid gal
but then, suddenly i felt that it's not bad though
and!! the 1st two nite i'm in here
i just can't sleep
those nightmare kept mingle in my mind *damn*
but since the 3rd nite and onwards
thank God..i can sleep better that two days before *phew*


actually, i do have another class this 3pm-4pm
need to prepare for it people!!


p/s- just feel like home..


Monday, June 15, 2009


hi sayangss

rindu i x? *ngee*
ampun ya..
coz x dpt nk hapdet slalu
actually i kat MYDIN MALL MITC
kt sini ader wifi oke
ewww..sgt suke
akk sedara gie shopping kt dlm MYDIN
tp i ngan cuzzie yg lain sibuk gune wifi kt food court nie ha..
gigih oke bwk laptop!!


last week ader kenduri aqiqah + birthday party cik comey zurin arissa
merangkap anak buah i

erm, let's the pic speak oke


chocolate indulgence by secret recipe *yummy*

baby arissa with her momma

zurin arissa~

me with the birthday baby gurl


oh yeah!!
last wednesday we (with my cuzzie) went to A Famosa
saje jea nk bawak anak buah meronggeng
here are the pitchas


Friday, June 5, 2009

quick update


hello darls..

here are some my quick update..

presentation: semua berjalan lancar. amin.

actually, tgh lepak kt starbuck nie. sambil tgu bas nk blk melaka tanah air tercinta kul 1 kang
arie nie k.eida kawen (sugar-mummy mse sek. men) hahahah..
so, bergegas la nk blk mlk arie nie
then, trus blk umah paklong
maybe 1-2 mggu kt mlk
mkne nyer >> susah la mau hapdet ini blog
ampun ya.. (cam la ramai sgt yg bce blog nie pon kan???) hahahah

hah!! lats entry kan ckp nk grab sony E K770i kan..
TAPI..x jd bli yg 2 pon..
i grab sony lain..


cik sony e T700 (xder name lg)

p/s- jam dh kul 12.33 pm. mau lari gie pudu..


Thursday, May 28, 2009

1 day left~

hi peeps!!

report udah di pos kelmarin
sgt2 hepi *yay!!*

oooh...just now i saw the email from my colleagues in iSentric
they are planning my farewell party tomorrow
suddenly i felt a bit sad to leave this office
yeah, almost 6 months i'm in here
they are nice people and sweet too!!

the moment that i'm waiting for all this time
gonna be over
yeah people, over..

today, 1 of my colleagues had treat me a lunch
thanx arif *wink*


oke, the story above was typed on yesterday *ngee*


today's story? here it goes people

well, as i'm told u earlier
my colleagues does have for me a farewell party
we have the KFC as the main course
and.. i've gave them my farewell speech *gagaga*
the 'bittersweet' filling in my day
i'm just can't believe that the 'time' is just around the corner
i feel 60% happy + 40% sad
happy-o-meter more than the sadness though *pardon me*
hahaha. i'm just can't help it

after lunch, i've asked k.nana to bring me to the CIMB
wanna do some money withdrawal
because i'm desperate with it
only got rm1 and a few of penny in the MNG's purse *phew*
oh yeah!! i've got some plan tonite

after work i'll go straight to Midvalley
wanna grab that
Sony Ericsson K770i *wee*
and do some shopping maybe
maybe people..hahahaha
after that, i'll go off to my mum's house

and tomorrow i'll take all my things from my maklang's house
i'll off to Perlis on Sunday morning
preparing for my presentation on this 2nd June

oke, got to go people
till the next post ya!!

p/s-- i just can't wait to finish up the presentation session!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

facts about me

Name :Nurfazatulakmal bt Mustafa Kamal (as in I.C)
Sisters : 3
Brothers : 2
Shoe size : 5 / 6
Height : 155 cm
Where do you live : KL / Malacca

Have you ever..
Been on a plane : yep
Swam in the ocean : yep. but a long time ago. *sigh*
Fallen asleep at school : always =p
Broken someone's heart : yep. ampun ya..
Fell off your chair : yep. once. hihi..
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : nop. zzzz~
Saved e-mails : yep

What is your room like : my friends said it was 'homey' (my room in uni)
-->must have : a bed, my comforter, all my pillows, sejadah, telekung, my qur'an,my surah yassin, a dustbin, a fan, my tumbler
-->others: my books, my mags, my locker (to store my clothes/make-up), my cute soft toys, BF's and fam's pic frame
What's right beside you : surah yassin =p
What is the last thing you ate : em, my dinner last nite ---> plain rice + fried chicken + asam pedas

Ever had..
Chicken pox : in the end of 2008
Sore throat : yep. when ever i had a high fever
Stitches : on my knee. bukti kenakalan =p
Broken nose : oh my..nop. thank God *phew*

Do you..
Believe in love at first sight : no, i'm not.
Like picnics : yeah..

Who was/were the last person ...
You danced with : with my lil' sib cutey aina
Made you smile : my lil' sibs
You last yelled at : also my lil' sibs. they love challeges my patient *grgrg*

Today, did you ..
Talk to someone you like : nop =(
Kissed anyone : yep. my maklang. before off to work.
Get sick : nop
Talk to an ex : never
Miss someone : him of course =(

Who do you really hate: can't figure out *wonder*

Is there a person who is on your mind now : him
Do you like your hand-writing : i do =p
Are your toe nails painted : never
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : er, my sibs', my cuzzies', my housemates'
Are you a friendly person : i guess so. hihihi..
Do you have any pets : i used to..but now, naah..
Do you sleep with the TV on : nop
What are you doing right now : answering this stuff
Can you handle the truth : so far, yep. thank God.
Are you closer to your mother or father : my mum i guess
Do you eat healthy : since i love mc'd. simply it's not
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : he is the first =)
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to: him
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : keep me loud please..
Are you confident : yes

5 things i was doing 10 years ago..

1. took my UPSR? hahaha
2. fell in love with shah rukh khan *giggle*
3. an active girl. a school netball-er
4. learning science is fun!!
5. have a bicycle racing before and after 'sekolah agama'. hahaha..

5 things i would do if I were a billionaire..

1. buy my mum a nice house
2. make sure all my sibs go to university
3. buy my own house. a large/great one of course. =p
4. make bussiness. open up my own IT company
5. send all my fam to Mecca. Amin.

5 of my bad habits..

1. shopaholic
2. hate dirty person
3. choose friends (when i was in school-hood)
4. last minute study *sigh*
5. fierce

5 places i used to live

1. Akademi Laut Malaysia, Melaka
2. Masjid Tanah, Melaka
3. Segambut, Kuala Lumpur
4. Tangkak, Johor
5. Kangar, Perlis


p/s- 3 days to go people!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

rambling blings

hi uOlls,

just wanna rambling a lil' bit today
may i? *ngee*
well, within these 5 months ++ i'm in KL
yeah, i mean enrolling my life in here
suddenly, something got sparked in my mind
that the KL's atmosphere are not suitable to raise a child
eventhough my sibs was raised in here
it seems very clear to me that it's not suitable
seriously people, it's not
yeah, in my own perception
this 'big town' have too much of distractions for the kids


here in KL
we can see the kids walk-around the mall with their own friends
the average age is around 8-12 years old
hello? the kids are allowed to do so?
weird eh?
yeah, i'm lil' bit 'traditional' when become on this part
kids are not allowed to go to the mall by their own ---> my principal
but some how, it's kind of 'normal' in here
i just can't understand how their parents gave them the green light
in that age, they are too small to do so
i think that's one of the reason why the kids nowadays joining the immoral things
because they know, that their parents will always trust them
we can trust them, but of course not 100% aren't we?
it's better to have some kind of dictator to teach them
because all the manners starting from the early age
need to train them good enuff before let them entering the 'rawks' world out there


nowadays parents should being aware enuff about their kids
please do so people
for our own goodness
because we will never knew what will happen next
yet, i'm just realized why my late grandpa always used calling me in each 1 hour
whenever i'm outing with my gals
eventhough at that time i'm 18 years old
18 years old people!! hahahaha
at the 1st place, it was annoying
but the rational is, he is just worried about me
yeah, i'm always a little girl in his eyes *ngee*


oh yeah!!!
today is my mum's birthday

selamat hari jadi ibu *hugs*

we had planning something surprise for her
so, after work i'll go straight to my parents' house

till the next post darls. you'll know you love me. xoxo =p

p/s- craving for soto nasi himpit *gulp*


that 'phrase'


yesterday i had picked up my report

and RM30 safely hand to the tauke

i've imagined that today i'll post my dearest report

in the office

i've found the paper that my lect gave me last time (when he did visited me)

there is a phrase that totally made my heart bumped quickly

lub dup lub dup lub dup

as fast as the superman wanna catch his enemy

then, i've opened the UniMAP's portal

just wanna make sure the 'phrase' is still valid or not

u guess what?

the 'phrase' still VALID!! *damn*

my report has been ready

but unfortunately the hard cover's format is WRONG


the 'phrase'


The main color of the hard cover is black
with a color lining on the backbone of the report

according to respective schools



main color is RED!!


actually i've followed the old format

and this is mean i need to do the new one

some more, need to wait another a week *sh!t*

byebye RM30


moral of the story - update yourself. do read the the directive carefully. haihh

p/s- miss him badly =(


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


hi darlingssss.. ( ramai la plak yg bace blog nie kan..hahaha)

ampun coz lambat update *ngee*
last saturday, as the plan ---> cik tipah, cik mar + her BF, me went to Midvalley togeder-geder
the reunion of the 'hot babes' was so fun
even though x cukup korum
but we all x bleh nk 'gelak x hingat dunia' sangat
coz BF cik mar ader.. hahahaha
but, really people
i was FUN!!
we did find the wedding present for our senior merangkap 'sugar mummy' cik tipah
the weeding gonna be held on this 30 May
but, i can't make it
teringin sangat nak tengok k.shida kawen
plus, 1 of my school-mate also got her engagement on the same day
still, i can't make it
hah!! 1 more invitation ---> k.Erwin ex-staff isentric
her wedding also on the same day
haih..cuti sekolah
manyak kenduli ma..
but pity me, my schedule is so damn full on the end of May *sigh*


tp dalam2 bersuka-ria ader gak duka nyer
sedang kami membeli donut cik big apple
kami dikejutkan dengan berita ---> wallet BF cik mar HILANG!!!
adeh.. maybe wallet nyer tercicir kat surau
but as u know la
surau time2 weekend of coz la 'full house'
and wallet gagal ditemui *redo!!!*
before that incident, we have planned to go to Masjid India
what for? aaaahhh..
jangan ditanya
of coz la nk shopping *wee*
(x sedor diri duit tinggal se-ciput dlm bank)
but, since that incident was complicated
cik mar sarankan kami pergi berdua saja ke Masjid India
at 1st, kitorg macam berat hati gak
but kalo pikir secara rasional
there is nothing that we can do other that they make the police report
so, the conclusion is ---> only me n cik tipah yang mengelinjang di Masjid India


sampai jea kat sane, kami menjalankan misi yang x berapa nak penting tue..
yg paling byk shopping of coz la cik tipah
i jadi fashion advisor jea *wek!!*
seronok sangat tengok tudung2 kat sana
heaven oke!!!
i yang pd mula nyer x nak membeli
at last tergoda gak ngan makcik jual kain tudung 2 *sigh*
so, habis rm30 for 2 scarfs *ngee*
em, at least we all dah tau maner nak tuju time nk beli baju raya nanti
tahun nie teraser cam nak pakai baju kebaya la plak *errrr*


after all the agony + fun session in Masjid India
we went home
er, why agony?
because there was so 'ramai giler' org *rimas*
and why fun?
because there are so much things to grab *yay!!*
and i did bought the big apple's doughnuts for my sibs
just imagine how i brought the doughtnuts ke hulu ke hilir from Midvalley to Masjid India
and the kids was so excited with the doughnuts (cam x pernah makan la plak)
the youngest 'hyper' dah bleh bercakap sket
but only a few words
the 1st time i heard her said 'bu' ----> for 'ibu'
the second word was 'x mau'
this time was sounds clearly
siap guna isyarat tangan 'x nak' lg
the other words not clear enough
somehow, she does understand what we are saying
she will do whatever we want her do
for an example, i did asked her to throw the paper into the dustbin in the kitchen
and she did it
oooh..she is soooo cute *hugs her*


today i'll pick up my report kesayangan from the hard cover shop
hopefully tomorrow i can post it to my uni already
malas nak pegang report tue lama2
and seriously
i just can't wait to finish up my internship
1 week ++ to go people *wee*

p/s- ibu cakap kan..saya kan..dah kurus sket berbanding hari tue *yay!!!*



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