Friday, February 27, 2009

sleep on the wall

hi peeps..

x tau la kenapa arie nie..
mata i sgt ngantuk!!!
kalo nk kata mlm td tido lambat, x gak.. sblum kul 12 pm dah selamat terbang di awangan
teringat plak mse zmn skolah
i pernah tido dlm klas
mse tue f1, time rehat jea tido *heaven*
pernah dlm klas english pon bleh tertido gak
jenuh la member sebelah cover
time ckgu dtg area tempat duduk kitorang jea, die tolong kejutkan.
thanx yer fadzilah *hugz*
adoi..x tahan btol la mata nie..
air dah nk habis setengah botol
2 keping biskut dah selamat masuk perut
kalo ader yg sorong bantal nie, comfirm dah lelap. tp ader ker?
bleh x bwat slumber badak tido kat atas mje ofis nie??ngeh2..



Thursday, February 26, 2009


hi all gorgeous out there!!

i've got something to tell u..i don't know whether it's my own illusion or real..but if it's real, it's kinda 'abnormal' thing..oke, i'm telling u this.. today when i stepped in to the train (the train's theme was KFC)..suddenly i've smelled the fresh fried chicken..not normal fried chicken..but Kentucky Fried Chicken!! i'm it a real smell? at the same time, i saw a women who standing in front of me also seems smelled the same thing..kalo nk diikut kan hati nie, nak jea i tnyer kakak 2.."akak bau ayam KFC x?"..but i thought that i was exagerrating if i'm ask her.. hohoho..then, i'm just shut up and 'layan' the odour..KFC oke!!

am i illusion-ing or is it real that the train have the 'odour'??

believe it or not? believe it..

the pic's actors:
the story behind pic: kila was trying to imitate aisya in 'ayat-ayat cinta'

this pic was taken when our tour in China-Guangzhou Old Mosque

p/s- today i'm damn bored! *sigh*


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

post of the day


almost 3 weeks i didn't celoteh in here..ngeh2..bkn nyer per, nowadays..i bz sket..well, my routine goes as usual..even now, on weekend i'm just lepak-king at home..there are some reasons why i have do so..

1. i need to keep watch my day money out.

2. sleep until 10 - 11 a.m.zzzzz.

3. lepak-king at home and watch tv.

sgt heaven oke time cuti dok kt umah..hohoho..anyway, time cuti jea la yg bleh lepak kat umah kan? watever..em, but still..last saturday i've been follow my maklang went to her bestfriend cik yah's house. what for? hohoho..cik yah's daughter engaged on that, we all yg gigih nie.. travel from pantai dalam to cheras by bus..need to travel by two bus oke. but there is something new i've learnt. to go to cheras, we took bus no u46 from k.l..almost 1 hour la gak berdiri kt stu..redo!!!

sampai jea kt umah cik yah..kitorg nmpak 3 buah khemah tersergam kt dpn umah dia..wah..nie majlis tunang / kawen? confuse jap., that was my 1st time attending engage ocassion..and overall, it's quite fun..especially when hearing both 'wakil' explained about the 'rules' and what so ever..

yes!last 2 weeks i've went back to malacca..ngedate with my hubby for his birthday..we went ate mc'd which is he the one who paid the bill..on his own day. he still need to pay it by himself..pity him..sorry dear..when i'm working, i'll pay the meal's bill on your birthday.. ngeh2..but hey! after we had watched movie ---> ong bak 2..very thrilled film..we went ate baskin robbins..this time, my treat..i'm bought him a piece of vanilla cake n i've got my fav ---> choc blast..*heaven* and yes! his birthday present? i bought him a perfume from body shop..and in order to gave him this, there is an incident..since there is no bag / box for the perfume..we went to thai kuang to search 'something' for his present(of course hi don't know my truly agenda)thank God yg dia x perasan kenapa i ajak dia gie bookstore since that my habit when every time go to the mall.. 1st, i'm went to the books' racks..pretend that i'm searching some book..gagagaga..then, biler dia cam dah jauh sket..i pon menyelinap dlm bookstore tue..then i found something interesting that was very suitable..ribbon!!i'm pick it up, and hurry to pay it..mata nie melilau cari dia..takut2 tbe2 jea ader kt blakang..bkn die yg surprise, i plak yg surprise nnt..hohoho..then, misi pertama completed..i've got the ribbon! but xkan la i nk gigit ribbon nie kan? then, i menyelinap lg dlm bookstore..went to the back counter..request the cashier for it! and misi 2 completed..suddenly, i felt that i've been lost him for a long time..then i hurried find him..dia dah siap tgu kat luar the same time, i terpikir..i'll do it in the sisters' prayer room / ladies..and suddenly, he asked me to go pray 1st, before watch movie..ahah!! this is my only chance..and automatically, misi 3 completed!! the perfume looks nice with the ribbon on it!! at least, x la nampak nude sgt kan?? and 1 part that i thought was so funny..mase i menyelinap dlm bookstore 2, i terpakse menyangkung coz xnak bg dia nmpak..fuh..

our date goes happy + happening as ever..we all gelak2 and have so much fun spending our time together..otak we all 'gila2'..and that announced us as a happy couple..*yippie*

till da' next post babe!

p/s-got pimple on my chin. damn it!! i'm homesick =(


Thursday, February 5, 2009


hi peeps..

well, today nothing interesting actually. i'm woke up early in the morning, do my duty as a muslim, took a bath, ironed clothes, drink my milk, kissed my maklang and off to work. suddenly, when i woz in the train, i've noticed a guy who woz looking at me. then, sumthing sparked on my head. "biler mse plak mamat nie nek 1 gerabak dgn aku?" coz i didn't notice him when i took the train. i'm only noticed him when the train stopped at asia jaya. oh yeah, actually this guy woz travelled from pantai dalam which we usually took the same bus and train. juz, the way he look at me make me *uncomfortable*
honestly, i don't mind to smile with the stranger, but i can't smile to him. don't know why.

anyway, i can't wait to go back hometown tomorrow. his birthday fall on this saturday!! can't wait to celebrate it with him.

waiting for me dear.. *hugz*

p/s-wanna grab sister popiah before i go home. wee~


Tuesday, February 3, 2009


arie nie i berkongsi petua sket.. enjoy!!!

Bibir Merekah

Minum air kelapa muda yang dicampur dengan kuning telur dan sedikit madu lebah. Amalkan meminumnya sekali dalam sehari dan nantikan hasilnya

Segarkan Kulit Muka

Sapukan jus epal hijau kemuka dan biarkan selama 5 hingga 10 minit kemudian cuci muka dengan air bersih

Rawati Kulit Melecur

Tuangkan susu cair atau susu pekat manis keatas bahagian yang terkena air panas. Pastinya ia tidak akan mengelembung dan berparut

Kulit Muka Berminyak

Parut buah epal hingga halus. Kemudian sapukan pada muka, bairkan selama 15 minit. Kemudian cucilah dengan air suam. Lakukan 3 kali seminggu.

p/s- rutin sblm saya tidur adalah ambil wuduk, pakai bedak sejuk dan memakai losyen pati halia mustajab dunia herbs pada perut buncit saya ini =p



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