Thursday, May 28, 2009

1 day left~

hi peeps!!

report udah di pos kelmarin
sgt2 hepi *yay!!*

oooh...just now i saw the email from my colleagues in iSentric
they are planning my farewell party tomorrow
suddenly i felt a bit sad to leave this office
yeah, almost 6 months i'm in here
they are nice people and sweet too!!

the moment that i'm waiting for all this time
gonna be over
yeah people, over..

today, 1 of my colleagues had treat me a lunch
thanx arif *wink*


oke, the story above was typed on yesterday *ngee*


today's story? here it goes people

well, as i'm told u earlier
my colleagues does have for me a farewell party
we have the KFC as the main course
and.. i've gave them my farewell speech *gagaga*
the 'bittersweet' filling in my day
i'm just can't believe that the 'time' is just around the corner
i feel 60% happy + 40% sad
happy-o-meter more than the sadness though *pardon me*
hahaha. i'm just can't help it

after lunch, i've asked k.nana to bring me to the CIMB
wanna do some money withdrawal
because i'm desperate with it
only got rm1 and a few of penny in the MNG's purse *phew*
oh yeah!! i've got some plan tonite

after work i'll go straight to Midvalley
wanna grab that
Sony Ericsson K770i *wee*
and do some shopping maybe
maybe people..hahahaha
after that, i'll go off to my mum's house

and tomorrow i'll take all my things from my maklang's house
i'll off to Perlis on Sunday morning
preparing for my presentation on this 2nd June

oke, got to go people
till the next post ya!!

p/s-- i just can't wait to finish up the presentation session!!


Tuesday, May 26, 2009

facts about me

Name :Nurfazatulakmal bt Mustafa Kamal (as in I.C)
Sisters : 3
Brothers : 2
Shoe size : 5 / 6
Height : 155 cm
Where do you live : KL / Malacca

Have you ever..
Been on a plane : yep
Swam in the ocean : yep. but a long time ago. *sigh*
Fallen asleep at school : always =p
Broken someone's heart : yep. ampun ya..
Fell off your chair : yep. once. hihi..
Sat by the phone all night waiting for someone to call : nop. zzzz~
Saved e-mails : yep

What is your room like : my friends said it was 'homey' (my room in uni)
-->must have : a bed, my comforter, all my pillows, sejadah, telekung, my qur'an,my surah yassin, a dustbin, a fan, my tumbler
-->others: my books, my mags, my locker (to store my clothes/make-up), my cute soft toys, BF's and fam's pic frame
What's right beside you : surah yassin =p
What is the last thing you ate : em, my dinner last nite ---> plain rice + fried chicken + asam pedas

Ever had..
Chicken pox : in the end of 2008
Sore throat : yep. when ever i had a high fever
Stitches : on my knee. bukti kenakalan =p
Broken nose : oh my..nop. thank God *phew*

Do you..
Believe in love at first sight : no, i'm not.
Like picnics : yeah..

Who was/were the last person ...
You danced with : with my lil' sib cutey aina
Made you smile : my lil' sibs
You last yelled at : also my lil' sibs. they love challeges my patient *grgrg*

Today, did you ..
Talk to someone you like : nop =(
Kissed anyone : yep. my maklang. before off to work.
Get sick : nop
Talk to an ex : never
Miss someone : him of course =(

Who do you really hate: can't figure out *wonder*

Is there a person who is on your mind now : him
Do you like your hand-writing : i do =p
Are your toe nails painted : never
Whose bed other than yours would you rather sleep in : er, my sibs', my cuzzies', my housemates'
Are you a friendly person : i guess so. hihihi..
Do you have any pets : i used to..but now, naah..
Do you sleep with the TV on : nop
What are you doing right now : answering this stuff
Can you handle the truth : so far, yep. thank God.
Are you closer to your mother or father : my mum i guess
Do you eat healthy : since i love mc'd. simply it's not
Do you still have pictures of you & your ex : he is the first =)
If you're having a bad day, who are you most likely to go to: him
Are you loud or quiet most of the time : keep me loud please..
Are you confident : yes

5 things i was doing 10 years ago..

1. took my UPSR? hahaha
2. fell in love with shah rukh khan *giggle*
3. an active girl. a school netball-er
4. learning science is fun!!
5. have a bicycle racing before and after 'sekolah agama'. hahaha..

5 things i would do if I were a billionaire..

1. buy my mum a nice house
2. make sure all my sibs go to university
3. buy my own house. a large/great one of course. =p
4. make bussiness. open up my own IT company
5. send all my fam to Mecca. Amin.

5 of my bad habits..

1. shopaholic
2. hate dirty person
3. choose friends (when i was in school-hood)
4. last minute study *sigh*
5. fierce

5 places i used to live

1. Akademi Laut Malaysia, Melaka
2. Masjid Tanah, Melaka
3. Segambut, Kuala Lumpur
4. Tangkak, Johor
5. Kangar, Perlis


p/s- 3 days to go people!!


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

rambling blings

hi uOlls,

just wanna rambling a lil' bit today
may i? *ngee*
well, within these 5 months ++ i'm in KL
yeah, i mean enrolling my life in here
suddenly, something got sparked in my mind
that the KL's atmosphere are not suitable to raise a child
eventhough my sibs was raised in here
it seems very clear to me that it's not suitable
seriously people, it's not
yeah, in my own perception
this 'big town' have too much of distractions for the kids


here in KL
we can see the kids walk-around the mall with their own friends
the average age is around 8-12 years old
hello? the kids are allowed to do so?
weird eh?
yeah, i'm lil' bit 'traditional' when become on this part
kids are not allowed to go to the mall by their own ---> my principal
but some how, it's kind of 'normal' in here
i just can't understand how their parents gave them the green light
in that age, they are too small to do so
i think that's one of the reason why the kids nowadays joining the immoral things
because they know, that their parents will always trust them
we can trust them, but of course not 100% aren't we?
it's better to have some kind of dictator to teach them
because all the manners starting from the early age
need to train them good enuff before let them entering the 'rawks' world out there


nowadays parents should being aware enuff about their kids
please do so people
for our own goodness
because we will never knew what will happen next
yet, i'm just realized why my late grandpa always used calling me in each 1 hour
whenever i'm outing with my gals
eventhough at that time i'm 18 years old
18 years old people!! hahahaha
at the 1st place, it was annoying
but the rational is, he is just worried about me
yeah, i'm always a little girl in his eyes *ngee*


oh yeah!!!
today is my mum's birthday

selamat hari jadi ibu *hugs*

we had planning something surprise for her
so, after work i'll go straight to my parents' house

till the next post darls. you'll know you love me. xoxo =p

p/s- craving for soto nasi himpit *gulp*


that 'phrase'


yesterday i had picked up my report

and RM30 safely hand to the tauke

i've imagined that today i'll post my dearest report

in the office

i've found the paper that my lect gave me last time (when he did visited me)

there is a phrase that totally made my heart bumped quickly

lub dup lub dup lub dup

as fast as the superman wanna catch his enemy

then, i've opened the UniMAP's portal

just wanna make sure the 'phrase' is still valid or not

u guess what?

the 'phrase' still VALID!! *damn*

my report has been ready

but unfortunately the hard cover's format is WRONG


the 'phrase'


The main color of the hard cover is black
with a color lining on the backbone of the report

according to respective schools



main color is RED!!


actually i've followed the old format

and this is mean i need to do the new one

some more, need to wait another a week *sh!t*

byebye RM30


moral of the story - update yourself. do read the the directive carefully. haihh

p/s- miss him badly =(


Tuesday, May 19, 2009


hi darlingssss.. ( ramai la plak yg bace blog nie kan..hahaha)

ampun coz lambat update *ngee*
last saturday, as the plan ---> cik tipah, cik mar + her BF, me went to Midvalley togeder-geder
the reunion of the 'hot babes' was so fun
even though x cukup korum
but we all x bleh nk 'gelak x hingat dunia' sangat
coz BF cik mar ader.. hahahaha
but, really people
i was FUN!!
we did find the wedding present for our senior merangkap 'sugar mummy' cik tipah
the weeding gonna be held on this 30 May
but, i can't make it
teringin sangat nak tengok k.shida kawen
plus, 1 of my school-mate also got her engagement on the same day
still, i can't make it
hah!! 1 more invitation ---> k.Erwin ex-staff isentric
her wedding also on the same day
haih..cuti sekolah
manyak kenduli ma..
but pity me, my schedule is so damn full on the end of May *sigh*


tp dalam2 bersuka-ria ader gak duka nyer
sedang kami membeli donut cik big apple
kami dikejutkan dengan berita ---> wallet BF cik mar HILANG!!!
adeh.. maybe wallet nyer tercicir kat surau
but as u know la
surau time2 weekend of coz la 'full house'
and wallet gagal ditemui *redo!!!*
before that incident, we have planned to go to Masjid India
what for? aaaahhh..
jangan ditanya
of coz la nk shopping *wee*
(x sedor diri duit tinggal se-ciput dlm bank)
but, since that incident was complicated
cik mar sarankan kami pergi berdua saja ke Masjid India
at 1st, kitorg macam berat hati gak
but kalo pikir secara rasional
there is nothing that we can do other that they make the police report
so, the conclusion is ---> only me n cik tipah yang mengelinjang di Masjid India


sampai jea kat sane, kami menjalankan misi yang x berapa nak penting tue..
yg paling byk shopping of coz la cik tipah
i jadi fashion advisor jea *wek!!*
seronok sangat tengok tudung2 kat sana
heaven oke!!!
i yang pd mula nyer x nak membeli
at last tergoda gak ngan makcik jual kain tudung 2 *sigh*
so, habis rm30 for 2 scarfs *ngee*
em, at least we all dah tau maner nak tuju time nk beli baju raya nanti
tahun nie teraser cam nak pakai baju kebaya la plak *errrr*


after all the agony + fun session in Masjid India
we went home
er, why agony?
because there was so 'ramai giler' org *rimas*
and why fun?
because there are so much things to grab *yay!!*
and i did bought the big apple's doughnuts for my sibs
just imagine how i brought the doughtnuts ke hulu ke hilir from Midvalley to Masjid India
and the kids was so excited with the doughnuts (cam x pernah makan la plak)
the youngest 'hyper' dah bleh bercakap sket
but only a few words
the 1st time i heard her said 'bu' ----> for 'ibu'
the second word was 'x mau'
this time was sounds clearly
siap guna isyarat tangan 'x nak' lg
the other words not clear enough
somehow, she does understand what we are saying
she will do whatever we want her do
for an example, i did asked her to throw the paper into the dustbin in the kitchen
and she did it
oooh..she is soooo cute *hugs her*


today i'll pick up my report kesayangan from the hard cover shop
hopefully tomorrow i can post it to my uni already
malas nak pegang report tue lama2
and seriously
i just can't wait to finish up my internship
1 week ++ to go people *wee*

p/s- ibu cakap kan..saya kan..dah kurus sket berbanding hari tue *yay!!!*


Friday, May 15, 2009

sad in me =(


saya sedih

x tau kenapa

but there is something made me feel like..*damn*

something wrong somewhere

i hate this feeling


it's make me sick!!

plz God help me to go through all this thing

i know i've made a lot of mistakes

i'm not perfect

i'm not a good girl though

but i'm willing and trying to be the better-me

once again, plz God

do help me


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p/s- peace!!


Thursday, May 14, 2009


1st award


1.Put this badge in your awesome blog.
2.Award this badge to 10 bloggers whom you think are inspirational and friendly.
3.Make sure you put the recipients’ names here, along with their links.
4.Let them know about this.
5.Don't forget to tell the who give this award and also his links.

This award goes to



CPM honey nurhaliza

sis nad

miss sabby

aizul marcello

irene marcello


diana rikasari

aimi desu

queen bee



there is one more award


2nd award

syarat-syarat menerima award ini:

1.Pastikan jantina anda adalah perempuan
2.Copy badge sebagai award anda
3.Nyata 7 sebab kenapa anda bangga menjadi perempuan
4.Pass kan award ini kepada girl-friends anda

this award goes to


all the girls that mentioned above!!

7 sebab saye bangga jadi perempuan


1. bisa melahirkan *ngee*

2. boleh melaram bagai

3. tangan yg menghayun buaian, bisa menggoncang dunia~

4. mood swing? it's normal

5. bisa mengalirkan air mata dimana jua

6. can producing the best milk ever --> susu ibu

7. er, shop till drop bleh? *wink*


all this stuff i got it from


thanx sis!! *hugs*

oh, this song are soo cute!!

resah tanpamu

sayang aku tahu
kita tak banyak bicara
kau jauh disana
ku menyimpan tanya

sayang aku tahu
kita tak banyak bertemu
namun hanya kamu
yang ada di hati

jangan sampai kau lukai hatiku
aku resah lalui waktu tanpamu
jangan sampai kau ragukan cintaku
aku takkan membuatmu terluka
meragu… percayalah…

sayang aku mau kita
‘kan slalu menyatu
walau kadang rindu
menyiksa batinku

sayang aku mau
jangan pernah kau meragu
walau aku jauh
hatiku untukmu

jangan sampai kau ragukan cintaku
aku takkan membuatmu terluka
meragu… percayalah…


p/s- don't judge the book by it's cover. oh..the phrase is soooo true!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

saya suke



setelah memastikan yg berita dari encik otomen adalah sahih belaka ---> hard cover tidak perlu

ada logo UniMAP

saya amat gumbira sampai raser mcm nak melompat jea kt dlm opis nie *ngee*

petang nanti boleh la ke kedai pakcik arie 2

boleh trus bwat hard cover *yabedabeduu*

oh yer, tetiba teringin nak mkn donut jco la plak

cadang nyer mau ker mid selepas kerja nanti

demi cik donut jco *sigh*


oh tidak!!

kerja giler ini tidak harus diteruskan

cik donut jco bisa diserang pd weekend ini bukan?



till next post darls~

p/s- people love to make their own 'blind' assumption about me. but!! u know what? i don't care even less. wee~


Tuesday, May 12, 2009


hi all,

hidup tengah kelam-kabut skang

yesterday i went to a photocopy shop to make the hard cover for my INTRA's report

but unfortunately, pakcik kedai said that the UniMAP's logo is hard to make. wth??

i'll accept on whatever it take the cost for it, but still he said it's difficult to make

no matter how difficult it is, i'm his customer and he need to find the solution for it isn't it?

kalo semua kerja nak mudah + senang..haih..pikir sendiri la *damn*


i got the extension for my internship *yay!*

thank God for it

3 weeks to go to enrolling my life in PJ

even i can't wait o finish all this thing

my schedule for the next month will a lil' bit relax

i've planned to stay at my paklong's house located in Telok Mas, Melaka for the sem break

which is where my opah belong to

sirih pulang ke gagang people

but my true 'gagang' is Masjid Tanah

which seems no longer become my 'gagang' anymore *sigh*

oh, i can imagine my life in the next month

need to get up early in the morning (kat umah paklong, adalah ditegah sama sekali utk tido selepas subuh yea kawan2!!)

lepak-ing at home and watching astro

tolong maklong masak. wee~ *miss her*

oh yeah, my maklong is a warm-kind-hearted person

meanwhile my paklong is a tegas-sometime-garang person

he is my dad's older bro. which is there only the 2 of them

that's why i'm more 'manje' with them instead of other relatives (my mum side)

kalo org lain, balik kg waktu cuti sekolah

tp i balik umah paklong *ngee*

my bonding with my cuzzies are bind-so-tight

maybe cause we are growing up together

the most rapat is kak in (ain) + ikin

ikin was same age with me. meanwhile kak in is 27 years old this year

kak in dah kawen and got a chumell baby named zurin arissa *kiss her*


oke, i just can't wait to go home

eventhough it's not my real home

still, i consider it 'my home' since it is my opah's new home

i do miss my lil' sibs *sigh*

that both 'hyper' really entertaining

guess what? i'll visit them this weekend

oh yeah, last week cik tipah ajak i keluar weekend nie

cik mar pon ader plus her BF *eww*

will 'gelak x hingat dunia' on this weekend *yippie*

pelakon = me, kila, anis, alwie, koyum n naz

vanue = the heart of Perlis, Kangar

*gambar ehsan*

p/s- wanna free tan? perlis is the best place for it *ngee*


Wednesday, May 6, 2009

that memory..

hi gorgeous..

em, actually i wanna update our last weekend 'ngedate' session
but since all the pics with him
i need to keep it on hold *sorry*
anyway!! i've gave my 1st draft of my INTRA report to mr roy yesterday *fuh*
and i'll get it back by the end of this week
may there is no a lot of change
and it's better if there is zero change!!
now, i need to focus on my preparation for my INTRA's presentation
a lot of work to get it done people
my benchmark for all these kind of works will be on 17 May 2009


yesterday, he had an interview for INSTEP at JB
oh yeah!! did i mention to u that i've requested to my host company
to extend my internship till 29 May 2009?
yes, i did requested it last Monday
until now, i'm still didn't get the answer yet
they said, they need to consider it first
since it will including money matter
well, because of money i need to extend my internship act *ngee*
for my 'pocket money' in June
hey!! it will be 1 month break b4 i pursue my study
so, of course i need money didn't i?


OMG!! it is May already people!!
time flies so fast!!
next sem i'll become the 4th year student
all people know that the 4th year student will 'bergelumang' with Final Year Project (FYP) *sigh*
the 'nightmare' will begin in 2 months ++
am i ready yet?
can i say i'm not ready?
gosh!! what a life
still, i need to face it rite?
oke, calm down faza
u can do it
u know u can do it
after all, u need to do it though *wink*


oh..i miss the moment my late grandpa and i
it's been 1 year and 5 months he was gone
the greatest man in my life >> my late grandpa
he is the one who teach me how to walk + speak + read + write + make friend + swim + blablabla
i'm still remember the moment he sat in front of me
heard me practising for my story telling competition when i was 9
he was keep telephone me when ever i'm out with my gals
he did bought me any books that i want
he did came to skool when ever my teacher wanted him to *since i'm a school's 'hot babes'*
he did visited me once a week when i'm in hostel
he did called me 2-3 times a week when i'm away from home *college-hood + uni-hood*
and he also do visited me when i'm in the national service!!
oh my..really2 miss him
until now, my tears will drop down when ever i've read him 'yassin'
when ever i prayed for him
he was like my own 'father'
the moment i've got the news that he was gone, i just can't believe it!!
because 2 days before he gone, he did called me
order me to always remember the 'solat', asked me the routine Q's
the grief suddenly filled my world
more worse, at dat time i'm in Perlis
facing my final exam for the 3rd sem
i can't go home to see him for the last time
at the moment he was 'kebumi', i'm in the exam's hall
only God knows how i felt
that was the most sad part in my life
facing with one of my loved's death
he n my opah did raised me up
not my parent
i love him so much!!

plz God, keep him with the devouts people. Al-Fatihah. amin

p/s- the eternity is only for Him, the remain for us is memory. a beautiful memory.


Monday, May 4, 2009

short notice

hi darls!!

last weekend was superb!!



attention: this pic was taken 2 years ago

will update later ya~

p/s-maklang balik kg..chances for me to diet properly =)


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