Wednesday, April 29, 2009



woot woot!!

juz nak bg tau bahawa sekarang saya sedang bz dengan report Industrial Training

di mana nama manje nyer adalah INTRA


sesibuk mana pun

saya akan terus ber-blogging *ngee*

untuk pengetahuan umum

saya amat jarang lunch di luar

oleh ittew

semasa saya tinggal seorang di opis yang aman damai ini

saya telah ber-drama di depan web-cam saya




selepas puas ber-drama

tiba2 ternampak CCTV di atas syiling yg betul2 menghadap ke arah saya


p/s- siang pandang2, malam dengar2..alahai..


Tuesday, April 28, 2009

super excited!!

hi peeps!!

i'm in the dilemma rite now

what dilemma?

nvm..let me settle it by on my own


at the same time, i feel super excited!!!

because of why??

according to his plan..

he will come to KL this week!! *yippie*

OMG! i'm just can't wait wanna see him!!

er, am i exaggerating?

pardon me..LDR made me like this..

well, u know..we don't see each other 1 time per weekend..

1 time per month's hard to make it

so, when we want to plan to see each other

we need to consider our both schedule

usually, before we meet

we will feel the over excited aura

and the sad part is..

when we need to apart *sob*

however!! this kind of relationship

make us strong + more appreciate to each other

anyway, 3 days to go!! *yay!!*

love for life

p/s- craving for mc'd.. *sigh*


Thursday, April 23, 2009

tagged by accidentally~


1) What is the most important thing in your life?
success in my studies

2) What is the last thing that you bought with your own money?
a shirt by F.O.S

3) Where do you wish to get married?
somewhere on earth

4) How old do you think you will be permanently owned by your love?
before 30

5) Are you in love?
yes, i do

6) Where was the last restaurant you had dinner?
pizza hut

7) Name the latest book that you bought?
cecelia ahern's book set

8) What is your full name?
Nurfazatul Akmal bt Mustafa Kamal (as in my birth cert.)

9) Do you prefer your mother or father?
can't choose. i'm prefer both

10) Name a person that you really wish to meet in real life for the first time.
er, ed westwick?

11) Christina or Britney?
Britney =p

12) Do you do your own laundry?

13) The most exciting place you want to go?
New York

14) Hugs or kisses?

15) 8 things I am passionate about:
1. Love
2. shopping
3. eating
4. study
5. reading
6. exploring new place
7. dare to make change

16) 8 things I say too often:
1. serius?
2. meletop!!
3. heyya!
4. oo..oke
5. hohoho
6. sengal!
7. tau x per..
8. akak..

17) 8 books I've read recently:
1. where the rainbows end
2. Remember me?
3. Beginning Programming with JAVA for dummies
4. Daisy's back in town
5. The trouble with Valentine's day
6. A stranger in a mirror
7. The naked face
8. All harry potter's books =p

18) 8 songs I could listen to over and over again:
1. as long as u love me - backstreetboys
2. drowning - backstreeetboys
3. no air - jordin sparks
4. love story - taylor swift
5. cookie jar - gym class hero
6. aku pasti datang - bunga citra lestari
7. vulnerable - vanessa hudgens
8. say ok - vanessa hudgens

19) 8 things I learned last year:
1. leadership
2. true friends it's hard to find
3. negotiate and bargain
4. blogging is fun
5. save money for own good
6. sometimes a girl can't avoid being emotional
7. silence is the best when i'm angry
8. knowing peoples' true colors does help me a lot

20) Tag 8 people :
whoever read this post please.. gotcha!!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

aku pasti datang~


beep beep!!

this entry is a tribute for him



aku pasti datang

Biar Malam
Yang kan menghapus gundahmu
Nantikan hujan
Dia kan membasuh hampamu
Aku hanyalah
Jiwa usang yang dahaga akan cinta
Maafkan atas jenuh yang mendera sesaat

Aku pasti datang menjemputmu
Tepati janji yang sempat terhenti (Yakinlah)
Aku pasti datang 'tuk hatimu
Penuhi janji untuk dirimu
Beri ku waktu
Semakin mengenal diriku bila tanpamu
Agar kuyakin
Atas pilihan hatiku adalah kamu


bunga citra lestari

p/s- LDR is tough, thank God for make it easier. amin.

Monday, April 20, 2009


hi darls,

last night i've got the super duper scary NIGHTMARE!!
until i'm screamed out
and maklang used came to see me
Gosh! in the nightmare
i saw a guy with a long + curly hair
he got a weird teeth. very the tajam oke *horror*
and i'm still remember why i did scream
because he want to bite my finger *motif?*
with his scary teeth *eww*
last entry i did told u that my plan for last weekend is ----> nonton the fast n furious 4 rite?

however, plan was canceled

last saturday : woke up late n just lepak-ing at home + watching hindustan *ngee*

last sunday :

me + k.rini + maklang went to ulu yam. have a picnic. fun sangat!! after that, we went to Low Yat Plaza, Sungei Wang Plaza n Times Square. have a sizzling at Times Square before off to home. Even kaki dah lenguh2, we still obstinate to merry-goes-around the Jln Imbi area. hahaha.

and because of too tired, i have no mood to watch my fav series ---> merlin

i did fall to sleep around 10.30 pm..

around 1.45 am he did called me. we did chit-chat until 2.50 am.

and there was the nightmare begins. *damn*

scary enuff?
he looks cute isn't he?

scooby doo~
tetibe teringat citer kartun hantu zaman muda2 dulu.. *eheh*

p/s- pengajaran buat saya, sila tutup tingkap sebelum tido. jangan degil. *grrr*

Friday, April 17, 2009

sharing is caring

ting tong!

1st of all, i've no intention of being ridicule or sarcasm other. it's all about my own thought on nowadays political scenario. as we can see the new cabinet has been build. the new era of politic in-the-making will be unleash. bad or good. we are the commoner will get the whatever feedback on their actions. as we are lived in the democracy world. and it's so clear that Malay who are generous to share the power with the others but yet always being left behind by them. who need to be responsible? People who give the chance to the others or people who are more determined to pursue the true meaning of success? honestly, i've no answer for that. there is a phrase sound "sharing is caring". but, how far we understand the true meaning of it? on my own observation, there is only a 'tiny' group of people who are very determined to bring the happiness to our country via their political path. it's hard to find people who are not interested to the power and money. yes, it's hard people.

recently, i've watched the UMNO gathering (result announcement). of course i've watched it on tv. i'm just weird why do some of them looks so super duper happy? did won the election means they will get everything? but i'm prefer to think in the positive way which is maybe they are too happy to serve the commoner. just like us. hope so huh. and there is one incident that kept mingle in my mind. why the people in the hall looks so hard to be control? i'm sorry for saying this. but that what i saw. =p

again, this entry have no intention to condemn others. besides, i am myself wish to join Puteri UMNO. but of course in my own way.


tremendous fun

*gambar hiasan

p/s- my plan for this weekend ---> watching fast n furious 4!! *yay*


Thursday, April 16, 2009

a big girl

woot woot!!

no mood for blog-ing

just wanna tell u



and i do miss

those people






no matter how far we are

we still remain


p/s- such a bad day *sh!t*

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fat ---> the taboo word!!


last Saturday, i'm rushed to Perlis to attend the occasion ---> Anugerah Gemilang Siswa (AGS)
and of course i need to sleep in my house rite?
BUT!! i x tido pon kat dlm bilik sendiri
i tido dlm bilik has n laila
and also i've got the whole story directly by Chen who was experienced the 'nightmare''s horror!!
special thanx to Chen who was gave me a warm welcome + prepared the bed for me + cooked for me a yummy maggi
and thank God that 1 of my MPP's freind wanna share the room with me
we share the matress and a pillow
however, even she is slept beside me
i'm still difficult to sleep!!
such a PCYCHO *damn*
i'm kept imagined if the 'thing' appear in front of my eyes..
imagined that suddenly my 'truely' freind enter the room and on that time just i'm realize that 'somebody else' beside me
on that nite, we had supper around 12.30 am
went to bed around 2.00 ++ am
and i fell to sleep around 4.00 ++ am
approximately 2 hours i'm imagined the 'unwanted' scenes
on the next day ---> really damn tired because don't have enuff sleep!!

plus, i have travelled back to K.L
around 8 ++ hours in the bus
yes, it's such an agony people

and today i'm back in the office
need to warming up to cover all the works left

before i went to Perlis, i went to visit my parents + lil' sibs 1st
aina, the toddler has become a HYPER
until now she can't speak yet even she is 1 year and 9 months
ibu said that she is the slowest chit-chatter
and i've discovered that she knows how to use my lip balm, how to open my handbag and she love to ransack it!!

a toddler always have their own idea how to make the things interesting

overweight pooh *pity him*

p/s- some of my freinds said that i'm more 'berisi'. but not only them said it, my mum also had told me the same thing!! *sigh*

p/s/s- and this issue automatically thrown me under 'diet'


Thursday, April 9, 2009

hot guys list


hi gorgeous!!

today i want to share with u my hot guys list *eww*

here it goes

paul walker


chuck bass


shah rukh khan


fahrin ahmad =p




the most 'hot' ever


mohamed shahreen mohamed azmi
siap tunjuk 'peace' lg oke

dah nama pon sayang kan? *blush*

p/s- go back to uni to rcv an award!! *yippie*


Wednesday, April 8, 2009


hallu there,

why some men do love to yell / greet or whatever to a women who are walking ALONE?
i'm so annoyed with this kind of people
on this morning, when i'm on my way to my office (walking). there is 1 guy had shouted on me "nama jea pakai tudung..tapi..blablabla"
whatthehell?? aper hal ntah mamat tue..tibe2 jea nk jerit kat org
i'm look down on my appearance = baju kurung + tudung yang menutupi dada
so, what's wrong with it?
haih..the guy just 'sewel' maybe *sigh*
i'm homesick rite now
miss my opah's dish (she such a great chef!)
miss my lil' sibs damn much
miss him badly *sob*
miss my comforter *err*

does anyone have a remedy for homesick?

p/s- some people are just 'fun' to do dumb things that annoying others. *damn*


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

one word

woot woot!!!

only 1 word for the


p/s- next movie ---> fast n furious 4 *yay!*


Friday, April 3, 2009



intro: heeeeheeeeeeeeheeeeee (cik keliwon mengilai)

hi darls,

em, last 3 weeks (maap agak lapuk cerita nie. tp nk cerita gak!) 1 of my lovely hozemates ---> cik has yg chumel had msg-ed me. she said that our house (at UniMAP) nowadays got 'HANTU!!'

oke, the story like this..

--------------------------sms-ing loading-----------------------------------------------------

has: faza, semalam has msg ngan chen. die cakap skang umah kite dah ader hantu

faza: hantu?

has: chen nampak ader benda putih masuk ikut tingkap pas tue melompat2 atas katil.

faza: atas katil saper?
has: atas katil faza.
sebenarnyer, hari 2 pihak ofis suruh budak2 blok 6 pindah masuk blok 5. so, ader 4 org budak 4th year nk pindah masuk umah kite. chen pindah masuk bilik faza. tp entah kenapa akk2 tue takut dok umah kite. diorang x jadi dok situ. chen dah 2x kena kacau.

faza: so, skang chen still dok kt umah 2 sorang2?

has: a'a. kadang2 die pergi tido umah kwn die. tp die cakap dah x tahan. maybe die akan pindah.

---------------------end of sms-ing----------------------------------------------------------

oke, let me give uOls a clear view..

house: hostel kitorg plik sket which is the most comfortable to compare with others uni *wink* hostel in our college ---> apartment. which build with 3 rooms, 2 toilets, a hall and balcony. i dpt bilik single. 2 lagi bilik bleh muat 2 org student. so, total = 5 students in 1 apartment.

chen: the only junior student in our house. since all of us (me, has, laila, mira) in internship. she will be alone for 6 months.

blok 5: our block

since majority 3rd year students went to internship, means the block will be in "peace" for a moment. tapi x sangka la pulak, benda2 mcm nie bleh jadi coz slame x pernah sampai nampak 'benda' kat umah kitorang. paling teruk pon, dengar bunyi n bau wangi. nak plak i duduk dlm bilik single, nk kata x takut langsung bohong la kan. tp just pikir yg Tuhan Maha Melindungi. rutin sebelum tido pon, gosok gigi, basuh muka, ambil wuduk and bce doa tido. hah!! tutup tingkap. i nie pelik sket. nk tido bru tutup tingkap. x kesah la tido kul 3 / 4 pg ker. coz raser cam rimas giler kalo tingkap tertutup. even tingkap tue menghadap bukit.

and biler dah dengar citer2 mcm nie. mmg PSYCHO la nk balik kolej. dah tentu sampai kolej awal2 pagi. around 5 AM and ALONE. lagi 1, x semesti nyer kitorang akan balik pd hari yg sama. biase nyer i la yg paling awal sampai and yg paling lambat balik kg. scary oke. gosh! i hate this feeling *damn*

the arrow: where the 'thing' happily jumping *sigh*
my lovely room will make me GOOSEBUMPS!!


tomorrow i'll be watching this!!

can't wait to see it!
after work, i'll be straight go to Midvalley to purchase the ticket

p/s- really hope the 'thing' will go away when i'm back. *pray* and yes, i'm love shopping + watching movie on my own *wink*


Thursday, April 2, 2009


hi peeps,

yesterday we got a birthday party for our CEO, Mr Aaron.
the main course : KFC + chocolate cake
while eating, suddenly i felt uncomfortable. ermm.

and today, we had company's lunch.
main course : nasi kandar. but i've choose nasi putih
lauk byk giler. 9 org 1 meja pon x abis.

nowadays, takut nk timbang berat. why?
because i've gain weight within these 4 months. *sigh*

p/s- xmo gumuk!!!


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

cukup penyabar kah?


hi uOls,

today i want chatter about patient
are u patient enuff?
how far your patient-o-metre?
let's discover mine
here are some incidents that challenged my 'patient strength'
my lil' sibs teasing on me. nvm, they are still young but don't exaggerating on that, cause soon i'll become a monster

once upon a time, my BF got an affair with another gal (skool-hood). still can control even i want to 'sepak die laju2'. i'm acted like i don't know the issue because we want to take the big exam on that year. gf solehah kan? hehehe. but after SPM, we did 'brake' but for 1 DAY ONLY. he had swear to not do the silly thing again. until now, alhamdulillah. this incident really suit ---> setiap aper yang berlaku ader hikmah nyer

last year, there are 2 persons who are made menace / blackmail on me in the friendster. can u believe it?? in friendster oke!! the entire world can read what those gals sh!t on me.*sigh* but i manage to handle it. since my frenz was around. thanx a lot guys. (can u see? i'm still patient with it)

people always underestimated me. i have no idea why. but still, watever they gonna do. i don't care about it because it's not them who give me money

warden love give me the penalty since i was one of her 'hot babes'. and i'm very patient with that because on that time, my principal is ---> no penalty, no fun *rawks*

i'm always in libidinous mood when shopping. still patient after do some rasional thought. *fuh*

there is something that succeed made me like i want to SCREAM
raser cam nk baling jea kat atas lantai!


p/s- please do remember, SABAR itu separuh daripada IMAN *wink*

p/s/s-thank God i've got the new 'mouse' *yay*



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