Monday, July 27, 2009


hi peeps!!

well, as u know
i'm in bed rite now
still got 1 day free holiday due to the $%# virus
do not know what to do
act, i do have a lot of works
the FYP of course, the tutorials..
need do some notes of the subjects
but still
the 'rhythm' just not come in
the 'laziness' beyond the words people
what am i doing all this morning?
just doing some 'rubbish' stuff
do facebook-ing
do friendster-ing
review gossip girl season 1
plz! some one help me
help me to throw out all these crap things


and yes!
today is a raining day
which is make me feels much more lazy
more over with the gloomy atmosphere
filling in my day
it's just make my eye feel wanna close and cover up my body
with the bloody-comfortable comforter


the rain was a blessing from God
do not blame the rain though
it's me who are lazy without any excuse
need to be blame for it
suddenly i feel hungry
i just brewed a campbell's soup this morning for my breakfast
seems it can't stand no longer
i'm hungry already
need do some thing to fill my tummy
em, curry maggi may be..


updated: 20.56

actually, after i wrote all the things above
i ate my maggi
and then do some notes on my Operating System subject
well, on the evening
i went to 'mak anjang'
the most famous stall in our residential college
got 'nasi goreng kampung' as the main dish
the fried rice was so yummy
i always love the dishes at 'mak anjang'
cheap + a lot + yummy
i likeeeeee!!


just now, i've got information from 1 of my course mate
he said class for Dr. Ong was cancelled
60% - happy
40% - blurgh
but still
the 'happy' more than 'blurgh' though

em, got something to do people
due to my FYP's things
till the next post ya..

p/s- actually, i'm in strictly on diet. only take carb once a day.wish me luck. *blink*


being quarantine~

hello darlssssss..

lame giler x hapdet kan?
bukan nyer aper..
internet kat area kolej kediaman nie cam tuttutut sket
so, kena redo jea la..
so, how's life everybody?
mine?'s been a long story darls..
yela, name pon dah lame x hapdet kan..

oke, here are my events for the last 3 weeks:

went to jitra mall
with kila + koyum + alimin
had a fabulous day
went to watch transformers
had karaoke
and we had bowling game!!
best gilerr~


last 2 weeks,
me and my housemates
went to Alor Star Mall
we had watched the Ice Aged
had our dinner at Kuala Perlis
seafood.. *yummy*


and last week,
i've joined the 'Kem Kepimpinan Pengawas 2009'
as Facilitator
so tired meh
because it's been a long time not join in the camp like so
but still, thanx for the experience
being a faci
it's not an easy job though
need to patient with the school-kid behavior
before we off to home
we had watched Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince at Alor Star Mall

the school-kiddo in my group

-kila sms-ing
- emi being surroundded by the admirers *wink*
- me, in 'gumuk' shape *OMG*


and last Saturday
me and my course mate had bbq at abg adun's fruit farm
besh wooo..
bakar 3 ekor ayam
i gigih perap and bakar ayam2 tue
dah la panas terik time tue
memang menguji ketahanan fizikal n mental
at last
lebih kurang pukul 3.30pm bru dpt mkn
tp, serius berbaloi segala keringat
after bedal ayam bakar
kitorg pergi naik dusun plak
1st time mkn rambutan yg dipetik dari pokok
mkn durian - 2 ulas dah cukup
and..mkn buah langsat!!
nasib baik langsat nyer manisss
harapan jea nk bwat FYP arie 2..
last2, gie ber-bbq kat dusun
pardon me!! *blink2*

-we were trying to fit 5 people in 1
-climb up the 'dusun'


oh yeah!!
the fucking-virus ---> H1N1 had been spread in UniMAP!!
we had been quarantine already
plus, no water supply in all over residential college

p/s- u know what?i've gained 4 kg for the last 6 months.feel too gumuk rite now. blimey!!


Saturday, July 11, 2009

perbedaan itu..


hi there,

sebenarnya tidak tahu nak taip apa
tapi hati ini rasa hendak menaip juga
oh yeah!!
aku mahu bercerita mengenai kisah hidup 3 tahun yang lalu dan kini


aku tidak mempunyai komputer riba atau nama manjanya 'laptop'
oleh itu, setiap kali jika ada kerja yang perlu dibereskan
aku terpaksa membuat 'muka tebal 3 inci' di hadapan teman-teman
untuk meminta ehsan mereka
dan aku sangat beruntung kerana dikelilingi mereka-mereka yang amat memahami
sama juga dengan penggunaan internet
jika tiada 'laptop'
mana mungkin boleh melayari internet
jadi, jika aku mahu membuka alam maya friendster
aku juga terpaksa meminta ehsan mereka yang pemurah ini
jasa kalian amat aku hargai

tetapi kini
aku sudah mempunyai 'laptop' aku sendiri
kabel internet aku sendiri
dan yang paling penting
aku boleh 'online' di atas katil aku sendiri
ini semua bagaikan mimpi di siang hari
syukur kepada Tuhan
diatas segala rahmat yang telah diberikan
semoga hidup kita terus dilimpahi rahmatnya

p/s- miss my lil' bro n sis damn much!!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009



hi u0llss..'s been a long time i didn't update my blog..
jadi blogger murtad jap time holiday arie tue..heheh
anyway? what's the story guys?
i'm in perlis rite now
come back to my old life as a full time student *phew*
and guess what?
on the 1st day lecture, we already got Final Year Project (FYP) breifing
my lecturer had warn us to be more focus on this year
he said it's more better have no 'properly social life'
like have no 'mengelinjang' event am i suppose to do it??
even though this state have no any interest at all
but still, my friends and i still know how to enjoy ourselves

is it mean that i'll loose my 'life'??

oh yeah!! this year i've got my roomate
her name is jocelyne
since i've got a junior in my tiny room
my old bed had neen replaced with the double decker bed
for the 1st time
i don't like it..because it's just like a school-kid gal
but then, suddenly i felt that it's not bad though
and!! the 1st two nite i'm in here
i just can't sleep
those nightmare kept mingle in my mind *damn*
but since the 3rd nite and onwards
thank God..i can sleep better that two days before *phew*


actually, i do have another class this 3pm-4pm
need to prepare for it people!!


p/s- just feel like home..



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