Thursday, February 26, 2009


hi all gorgeous out there!!

i've got something to tell u..i don't know whether it's my own illusion or real..but if it's real, it's kinda 'abnormal' thing..oke, i'm telling u this.. today when i stepped in to the train (the train's theme was KFC)..suddenly i've smelled the fresh fried chicken..not normal fried chicken..but Kentucky Fried Chicken!! i'm it a real smell? at the same time, i saw a women who standing in front of me also seems smelled the same thing..kalo nk diikut kan hati nie, nak jea i tnyer kakak 2.."akak bau ayam KFC x?"..but i thought that i was exagerrating if i'm ask her.. hohoho..then, i'm just shut up and 'layan' the odour..KFC oke!!

am i illusion-ing or is it real that the train have the 'odour'??

believe it or not? believe it..

the pic's actors:
the story behind pic: kila was trying to imitate aisya in 'ayat-ayat cinta'

this pic was taken when our tour in China-Guangzhou Old Mosque

p/s- today i'm damn bored! *sigh*


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