Thursday, February 5, 2009


hi peeps..

well, today nothing interesting actually. i'm woke up early in the morning, do my duty as a muslim, took a bath, ironed clothes, drink my milk, kissed my maklang and off to work. suddenly, when i woz in the train, i've noticed a guy who woz looking at me. then, sumthing sparked on my head. "biler mse plak mamat nie nek 1 gerabak dgn aku?" coz i didn't notice him when i took the train. i'm only noticed him when the train stopped at asia jaya. oh yeah, actually this guy woz travelled from pantai dalam which we usually took the same bus and train. juz, the way he look at me make me *uncomfortable*
honestly, i don't mind to smile with the stranger, but i can't smile to him. don't know why.

anyway, i can't wait to go back hometown tomorrow. his birthday fall on this saturday!! can't wait to celebrate it with him.

waiting for me dear.. *hugz*

p/s-wanna grab sister popiah before i go home. wee~


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