Wednesday, July 8, 2009


hi u0llss..'s been a long time i didn't update my blog..
jadi blogger murtad jap time holiday arie tue..heheh
anyway? what's the story guys?
i'm in perlis rite now
come back to my old life as a full time student *phew*
and guess what?
on the 1st day lecture, we already got Final Year Project (FYP) breifing
my lecturer had warn us to be more focus on this year
he said it's more better have no 'properly social life'
like have no 'mengelinjang' event am i suppose to do it??
even though this state have no any interest at all
but still, my friends and i still know how to enjoy ourselves

is it mean that i'll loose my 'life'??

oh yeah!! this year i've got my roomate
her name is jocelyne
since i've got a junior in my tiny room
my old bed had neen replaced with the double decker bed
for the 1st time
i don't like it..because it's just like a school-kid gal
but then, suddenly i felt that it's not bad though
and!! the 1st two nite i'm in here
i just can't sleep
those nightmare kept mingle in my mind *damn*
but since the 3rd nite and onwards
thank God..i can sleep better that two days before *phew*


actually, i do have another class this 3pm-4pm
need to prepare for it people!!


p/s- just feel like home..


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