Monday, July 27, 2009


hi peeps!!

well, as u know
i'm in bed rite now
still got 1 day free holiday due to the $%# virus
do not know what to do
act, i do have a lot of works
the FYP of course, the tutorials..
need do some notes of the subjects
but still
the 'rhythm' just not come in
the 'laziness' beyond the words people
what am i doing all this morning?
just doing some 'rubbish' stuff
do facebook-ing
do friendster-ing
review gossip girl season 1
plz! some one help me
help me to throw out all these crap things


and yes!
today is a raining day
which is make me feels much more lazy
more over with the gloomy atmosphere
filling in my day
it's just make my eye feel wanna close and cover up my body
with the bloody-comfortable comforter


the rain was a blessing from God
do not blame the rain though
it's me who are lazy without any excuse
need to be blame for it
suddenly i feel hungry
i just brewed a campbell's soup this morning for my breakfast
seems it can't stand no longer
i'm hungry already
need do some thing to fill my tummy
em, curry maggi may be..


updated: 20.56

actually, after i wrote all the things above
i ate my maggi
and then do some notes on my Operating System subject
well, on the evening
i went to 'mak anjang'
the most famous stall in our residential college
got 'nasi goreng kampung' as the main dish
the fried rice was so yummy
i always love the dishes at 'mak anjang'
cheap + a lot + yummy
i likeeeeee!!


just now, i've got information from 1 of my course mate
he said class for Dr. Ong was cancelled
60% - happy
40% - blurgh
but still
the 'happy' more than 'blurgh' though

em, got something to do people
due to my FYP's things
till the next post ya..

p/s- actually, i'm in strictly on diet. only take carb once a day.wish me luck. *blink*


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