Wednesday, March 25, 2009

cik mary poppins ku sayang

hi peeps!

em, there is nothing much actually
BUT!! i'm still update rite? *wink*
last Monday, my lecturer came for visit
and the meeting suppose to be at 2.00pm
but, he was 15 min early and during that time, my SV still on his lunchtime
while waiting for my SV, my lect gave me some 'cepu emas' questions
and i'm just answering it with honest. i mean just answering what i know
and 15 min later, my SV came in
after warm introduced to each other, exchange name card
he asked my SV the same Q's that he has asked me before
Gosh! Thank God that all the answers of both of us are similar
in my mind *nice try sir*
then, my SV had said that i'm a good person,
responsible and conscientious. *blush*
hohohohoho. all it's because, until today i'm still loyal to go to the office
eventhough, sometimes the 'bad side' of me refuse to do it
outside, the rain was so heavy
being a pathetic again? *sob*

kalo la ader payung cik mary poppins *heaven*

p/s- i'm broke!! can't wait this friday (allowence day)

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