Tuesday, March 3, 2009

got it!!


hohoho..got wat? em, at last i'm able to have my own lappy!! sgt suke!!! *yippie*
well, actually i wanna buy the other model ---> DELL XPS 1530
but unfortunately the price rose up from rm3200 to rm3959 *sigh*
wait!! after my conversation with dell's dealer, DELL INSPIRON 1525 ---> i though this model also not bad huh..
so, actually last Sunday my hubby dtg kl..die adalah seorang yg gigih. that's why i love him more n more!
we had surveyed my lappy all around the mall ---> midvalley
and yesterday i've bought it
pas nie, kwn2 saya xkan perli saya lg
n the most important thing, saya x perlu pinjam lappy org lain utk siap'n keje..
special thanx to my housemate (has, mira, laila n chen)
who i borrowed their lappy when they are sleep to finish up my works (i'm borrowed with their permission oke)
also to my classmate. directly or indirectly. thnx a lot guyz =p
and last Sunday, adalah dating yg menggemukkan.
mane x nyer, kitorg asyik mkn jea oke.
1st, i did accompanied him ate mee curry ( i mkn mee kari die sket n minum fresh orange)
then, pas dh jln2 + gaduh2 jap. gie mkn nasi ayam kat Chicken Rice Shop.
pastue, jln2 lg smpi The Gardens. singgah Marks & Spencer bli puff + chocs + candy *yummy*
lastly, kitorg lepak kt Secret Recipe. Er, xkan lepak jea kan. mau kne halau ngan waiter kat stu. i ordered lemon cheese + vanilla milkshake n he did ordered banana chocs + chocolate milkshake.

kuar jea dri restaurant, raser cm nk termuntah.
sbb?? byk sgt mkn. ngeh2..
ntah baper kilo la naik berat nie agak nyer. adeh~

hasil daripada 3X allowance

p/s- lappy with 15.4 WCSV display and weight 2.74 kg. *gigih*


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