Tuesday, April 28, 2009

super excited!!

hi peeps!!

i'm in the dilemma rite now

what dilemma?

nvm..let me settle it by on my own


at the same time, i feel super excited!!!

because of why??

according to his plan..

he will come to KL this week!! *yippie*

OMG! i'm just can't wait wanna see him!!

er, am i exaggerating?

pardon me..LDR made me like this..

well, u know..we don't see each other 1 time per weekend..

1 time per month also..it's hard to make it

so, when we want to plan to see each other

we need to consider our both schedule

usually, before we meet

we will feel the over excited aura

and the sad part is..

when we need to apart *sob*

however!! this kind of relationship

make us strong + more appreciate to each other

anyway, 3 days to go!! *yay!!*

love for life

p/s- craving for mc'd.. *sigh*


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