Wednesday, April 15, 2009

fat ---> the taboo word!!


last Saturday, i'm rushed to Perlis to attend the occasion ---> Anugerah Gemilang Siswa (AGS)
and of course i need to sleep in my house rite?
BUT!! i x tido pon kat dlm bilik sendiri
i tido dlm bilik has n laila
and also i've got the whole story directly by Chen who was experienced the 'nightmare''s horror!!
special thanx to Chen who was gave me a warm welcome + prepared the bed for me + cooked for me a yummy maggi
and thank God that 1 of my MPP's freind wanna share the room with me
we share the matress and a pillow
however, even she is slept beside me
i'm still difficult to sleep!!
such a PCYCHO *damn*
i'm kept imagined if the 'thing' appear in front of my eyes..
imagined that suddenly my 'truely' freind enter the room and on that time just i'm realize that 'somebody else' beside me
on that nite, we had supper around 12.30 am
went to bed around 2.00 ++ am
and i fell to sleep around 4.00 ++ am
approximately 2 hours i'm imagined the 'unwanted' scenes
on the next day ---> really damn tired because don't have enuff sleep!!

plus, i have travelled back to K.L
around 8 ++ hours in the bus
yes, it's such an agony people

and today i'm back in the office
need to warming up to cover all the works left

before i went to Perlis, i went to visit my parents + lil' sibs 1st
aina, the toddler has become a HYPER
until now she can't speak yet even she is 1 year and 9 months
ibu said that she is the slowest chit-chatter
and i've discovered that she knows how to use my lip balm, how to open my handbag and she love to ransack it!!

a toddler always have their own idea how to make the things interesting

overweight pooh *pity him*

p/s- some of my freinds said that i'm more 'berisi'. but not only them said it, my mum also had told me the same thing!! *sigh*

p/s/s- and this issue automatically thrown me under 'diet'


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