Friday, April 17, 2009

sharing is caring

ting tong!

1st of all, i've no intention of being ridicule or sarcasm other. it's all about my own thought on nowadays political scenario. as we can see the new cabinet has been build. the new era of politic in-the-making will be unleash. bad or good. we are the commoner will get the whatever feedback on their actions. as we are lived in the democracy world. and it's so clear that Malay who are generous to share the power with the others but yet always being left behind by them. who need to be responsible? People who give the chance to the others or people who are more determined to pursue the true meaning of success? honestly, i've no answer for that. there is a phrase sound "sharing is caring". but, how far we understand the true meaning of it? on my own observation, there is only a 'tiny' group of people who are very determined to bring the happiness to our country via their political path. it's hard to find people who are not interested to the power and money. yes, it's hard people.

recently, i've watched the UMNO gathering (result announcement). of course i've watched it on tv. i'm just weird why do some of them looks so super duper happy? did won the election means they will get everything? but i'm prefer to think in the positive way which is maybe they are too happy to serve the commoner. just like us. hope so huh. and there is one incident that kept mingle in my mind. why the people in the hall looks so hard to be control? i'm sorry for saying this. but that what i saw. =p

again, this entry have no intention to condemn others. besides, i am myself wish to join Puteri UMNO. but of course in my own way.


tremendous fun

*gambar hiasan

p/s- my plan for this weekend ---> watching fast n furious 4!! *yay*


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