Tuesday, December 16, 2008

love story..

hey ya!!

lovelovelove..em, i do love my BF so much..his name is mohamed shahreen b mohamed azmi..Auww..so, our love story begin in 2001..7 years ago..haha..sumtimes i didn't realize dat we have been hand in hand for 7 years!!!gosh..he said, if we are married..we do have a 7 years old kid..then i told him.."xkan la kiter nk kawen time umor 14 thn??"hahaha..well, so much stories between us..n FYI, of coz he did proposed me to be his gal..we had officially declared as couple on 20 Aug 2001..ahaks!at dat time we were in f2..em, i have sumthing to tell u..err..actually i'm lil' bit tomboy in my early secondry skool..haha..n i have no idea how come he got fell in luv with me..weird babe!!in early 2001, he woz started 'usha' me..but in dat time..i'm not interested with dat kind of things..well, tomboy la kate kn..kiki..ahah!!1 of my classmate..she is truely, deeply, madly in luv with him..flashback when we were in f1..dat gal had gave him a luv letter..ewww..but unfortunately, he had throw it to our guyz in the classroom..then the letter turn out into the ball..gosh..wat a shame!!thank God dat it's not from me..kiki..ok, back to 2001..after all kind of 'usha' he had performed..bg coklat la..present la..many more..on the evening of 20 Aug..1 of my friend told me dat he want to see me at our class..(i'm stayed in hostel) at 1st, i'm protested it..but my friend really2 want me to see him..is she over excited??i don't know 'bout dat..when i'm arrived at the class..i saw him..suddenly..lub dup..lub dup..my heart felt like wanna jump out!!kiki..we juz standing in front of each other..seperated by..er, 2 skool desks i think..then, he said "saye suka kt awk"..at the moment..honestly i'm really2 shocked!!suddenly the phrases has changed..(saye/awk??) i don't know wat to say..accidentally my mouth opened and said "saye pun suka kt awk.." ewww..dat's how we declared..hahaha..

afterall, our parents already know about us..i met his parents when we were 16 years old..actually, i don't wanna see them..honestly.. b'coz i'm afraid..yela, i'm only 16 years old!!then, 1 day he got accident when played football (he is our skool's footballer n many gals like him..wek!!)he got leg prob n got mc for 3 days..all my friend told me to go to his house..melawat la konon..but i don't want..then, they pushed me to..at last, me n syaza (1 of my BFF) went to his house..pergh..Only God knows how nervous i am at dat time..haha..

actually, there are more stories between us..but i want to tell u about yesterday..

hah!!!let me story dis in bm..more feeling i think..kiki..well, mse ak tgh berjalan nek tangga kat stesen lrt uni tuh..aku rser cm dgr bnyi tren smpi..pas2 aku pon cpt2 la nek tangga..smpi jea kt platform..aku pon trus meluru masuk dlm tren..x parasan plak bnyi "ting2"..ala..bnyi yg slalu ader mse pintu tren nk tutup tuh..lg selangkah aku nk msuk..pintu tren pon nk tutup..nsb bek bdn ak nie kcik..smpt la menyelit kt pintu tuh..tp ader 1 adegan yg x bleh dimaap kan berlaku..secara x sengaje nyer, aku termelatah kt dlm tren tuh!!!1 gerabak dgr..sumpah aku malu..malu siott..pas2 nk thn malu nyer pasal..aku tersengih cam kerang yg x berape nk bsuk kat stu gak..sume org terkejut..pintu 2 pon siap terbukak balik..aku x tau la, diorg terkejut sbb aku melatah atau takut aku tersepit..lbh kurang 3 saat..aku pon dgn slumber pegi kat tiang yg 2-3 langkah dri tmpat aku berdiri..yg x bleh blah nyer, aku pakai bju kurung!!!adush!!dah la paki bju kurung, bwat plak aksi stunt cm tuh..patut la nk terbeliak bjik mata diorg tgk aku..tp serius aku x bleh byg cm ner la kalo aku tersepit kat stu..mau menjerit sakan ala2 tarzan aku gamak nyer..baru melompat sume org..hahaha..

err, till then..mwamwa *wink*

p/s - plz do careful with the train's door..peristiwa semalam..sgt HORROR!!

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