Tuesday, December 16, 2008


hi there..

em, talking 'bout retirement..i'm retire from being Vice President I, Student Representative Council in my uni last Oct..(usually known as NYDPI MPP UniMAP) MPP means Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar..in my own version, Majlis Pelajar Ponteng..hahaha.. being a leader is not as easy as u think..it's impossible to fulfill everybody's desire.. haha..well, at the 1st time..i also thought dat it's not too difficult to handle it..(seems i've got some experience as a hostel's president when i woz f4)but..in uni, all is different..we'll never know wat gonna happen..but for me, professional is important..very2 important..ahah!there is no holiday in our diary..in semester break, only us who are still remain in the hostel..kiki..thank God we have our own place..(to gathering)it's the place for us to meeting, eat, playing(saidina, sahiba, scrabble, carrom), work of coz..sometimes cooking..(i'm borrow a rice cooker from my hozemate) there are so much fun actually, even we are stuck in the Wang Ulu..(the name of village of our residential college located)

UniMAP's SRC 2007/2008

last Aug, we had organized the 'Pesta Konvokesyen Ke-3 UniMAP'..as a Deputy President I, i'm responsible on promotion, activities (total activity is 13..fuh!!), transportation, catering (food)..the whole week, which is started from 12-16 Aug 2008..the big event woz held..but, act from the end of July, there woz 'Pra Konvo'..seems i woz handle the promotion, it is also part of my job..honestly, i'm exhausted within dat time..really tired..but i'm enjoy doing it =p

there are so much experiences being a MPP..i knew how to communicate with the others properly..handling matters in fastest way..know how to co-operate with people who are highly position..get more frenz..(we have MPPs gathering from all M'sia) all these are bonus for me..but people luv to judge books by it's cover..they thought MPP are useless..FYI, last Feb..there is a meeting between MPPs n TPM, Dato' Seri Najib Abd Razak..1 of our resolutions is 'bout the PTPTN..at last, we had managed to reduce the % of the 'bunga' from 3% to 1.5%..n now the % seems reducing to 1%..it's nice to hear isn't it?kiki..

em, watever it is..i'm happy with my retirement..which mean i will get my old life back..haha..can go to the class like the normal student..Once, i remember..1 of the guy in my class has told me..(er, honestly..i don't know his name) "hi faza, dtg klas ari nih?"..can u see??He is shitting on me..but, i'm juz replied.."a'ah"..so wat if i'm not attend the class..i didn't bother to borrow his note anyway..but it shows dat, my classmate do realized dat i'm always not attend the class..still, i don't care 'bout it..i do have my job..n i know wat i'm doing.. =p

gosh..miss him badly!!

time to go..*wink*

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