Monday, December 15, 2008

my 1st ever..


my 1st post ever..(i'm shame to admit it act..kiki..)well, i'm in office rite now..pretending like i have sumthing to do..(obviously, they can see me write a post to my blog..watever!!)ahah!!being an intern..i mean as a beginner.. so bored..rite now, i juz need to monitor the server..every 2 hours till 6 p.m..(but i'm check it every 30 mins!! b'coz too bored..)well, learning java need, i'm trying my best..although it's make me sick..*sigh*..

btw, seems dis is my 1st is some intro 'bout i'm work as a trainee programmer in pj..(God, plz help me go through dis 5 months ++)permanently, i live with my maklang at desa aman pdrm 1, pantai dalam, kl.. the most interesting is..every weekdays, i need to get up 6.30 a.m..after finish all buss.(pray, bath, iron clothes, breakfast)i'm go down to the bus stop..waiting for a bus to university lrt station..then, from uni station..go to tmn paramount..and fyi, i need to walk 'bout 20 mins ++ to the office..which i need to go through a tmn aman's recreation park..(there are many people exercise..including me..but i'm lil' bit different, b'coz i'm wearing the slack and shirt..instead of wearing track suite n t-shirt like the others)go through s.m.k (p) sri aman and a go back, same pathway..hahah..only 1 thing in my mind..i'll become 'KURUSS!!'although i'm 43 kg rite's all 'bout sacrifice..

honestly, i'm broke rite now..need to watch my money..(come on PTPTN..hurry up!!)thank God dat i've got the allowance here..but, nowadays..duit mcm air..huhu..and i've got my own mission..the DELL inspiron laptop..
3rd year student of universiti malaysia perlis does not have a laptop??believe it's hard to live with the money from PTPTN only..(since my lately atok woz gone, last year..)but hey!!nothing impossible..all i need is +ve thinking..and dat's wat i'm approach to..

till then..

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