Thursday, May 28, 2009

1 day left~

hi peeps!!

report udah di pos kelmarin
sgt2 hepi *yay!!*

oooh...just now i saw the email from my colleagues in iSentric
they are planning my farewell party tomorrow
suddenly i felt a bit sad to leave this office
yeah, almost 6 months i'm in here
they are nice people and sweet too!!

the moment that i'm waiting for all this time
gonna be over
yeah people, over..

today, 1 of my colleagues had treat me a lunch
thanx arif *wink*


oke, the story above was typed on yesterday *ngee*


today's story? here it goes people

well, as i'm told u earlier
my colleagues does have for me a farewell party
we have the KFC as the main course
and.. i've gave them my farewell speech *gagaga*
the 'bittersweet' filling in my day
i'm just can't believe that the 'time' is just around the corner
i feel 60% happy + 40% sad
happy-o-meter more than the sadness though *pardon me*
hahaha. i'm just can't help it

after lunch, i've asked k.nana to bring me to the CIMB
wanna do some money withdrawal
because i'm desperate with it
only got rm1 and a few of penny in the MNG's purse *phew*
oh yeah!! i've got some plan tonite

after work i'll go straight to Midvalley
wanna grab that
Sony Ericsson K770i *wee*
and do some shopping maybe
maybe people..hahahaha
after that, i'll go off to my mum's house

and tomorrow i'll take all my things from my maklang's house
i'll off to Perlis on Sunday morning
preparing for my presentation on this 2nd June

oke, got to go people
till the next post ya!!

p/s-- i just can't wait to finish up the presentation session!!


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mohdisa on May 31, 2009 at 6:58 AM said...

1 day left, i found ur blog now...anyway...salam dari perantau...:P

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