Wednesday, May 20, 2009

rambling blings

hi uOlls,

just wanna rambling a lil' bit today
may i? *ngee*
well, within these 5 months ++ i'm in KL
yeah, i mean enrolling my life in here
suddenly, something got sparked in my mind
that the KL's atmosphere are not suitable to raise a child
eventhough my sibs was raised in here
it seems very clear to me that it's not suitable
seriously people, it's not
yeah, in my own perception
this 'big town' have too much of distractions for the kids


here in KL
we can see the kids walk-around the mall with their own friends
the average age is around 8-12 years old
hello? the kids are allowed to do so?
weird eh?
yeah, i'm lil' bit 'traditional' when become on this part
kids are not allowed to go to the mall by their own ---> my principal
but some how, it's kind of 'normal' in here
i just can't understand how their parents gave them the green light
in that age, they are too small to do so
i think that's one of the reason why the kids nowadays joining the immoral things
because they know, that their parents will always trust them
we can trust them, but of course not 100% aren't we?
it's better to have some kind of dictator to teach them
because all the manners starting from the early age
need to train them good enuff before let them entering the 'rawks' world out there


nowadays parents should being aware enuff about their kids
please do so people
for our own goodness
because we will never knew what will happen next
yet, i'm just realized why my late grandpa always used calling me in each 1 hour
whenever i'm outing with my gals
eventhough at that time i'm 18 years old
18 years old people!! hahahaha
at the 1st place, it was annoying
but the rational is, he is just worried about me
yeah, i'm always a little girl in his eyes *ngee*


oh yeah!!!
today is my mum's birthday

selamat hari jadi ibu *hugs*

we had planning something surprise for her
so, after work i'll go straight to my parents' house

till the next post darls. you'll know you love me. xoxo =p

p/s- craving for soto nasi himpit *gulp*


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