Tuesday, May 19, 2009


hi darlingssss.. (eww..cam ramai la plak yg bace blog nie kan..hahaha)

ampun coz lambat update *ngee*
last saturday, as the plan ---> cik tipah, cik mar + her BF, me went to Midvalley togeder-geder
the reunion of the 'hot babes' was so fun
even though x cukup korum
but we all x bleh nk 'gelak x hingat dunia' sangat
coz BF cik mar ader.. hahahaha
but, really people
i was FUN!!
we did find the wedding present for our senior merangkap 'sugar mummy' cik tipah
the weeding gonna be held on this 30 May
but, i can't make it
teringin sangat nak tengok k.shida kawen
plus, 1 of my school-mate also got her engagement on the same day
still, i can't make it
hah!! 1 more invitation ---> k.Erwin ex-staff isentric
her wedding also on the same day
haih..cuti sekolah
manyak kenduli ma..
but pity me, my schedule is so damn full on the end of May *sigh*


tp dalam2 bersuka-ria ader gak duka nyer
sedang kami membeli donut cik big apple
kami dikejutkan dengan berita ---> wallet BF cik mar HILANG!!!
adeh.. maybe wallet nyer tercicir kat surau
but as u know la
surau time2 weekend of coz la 'full house'
and wallet gagal ditemui *redo!!!*
before that incident, we have planned to go to Masjid India
what for? aaaahhh..
jangan ditanya
of coz la nk shopping *wee*
(x sedor diri duit tinggal se-ciput dlm bank)
but, since that incident was complicated
cik mar sarankan kami pergi berdua saja ke Masjid India
at 1st, kitorg macam berat hati gak
but kalo pikir secara rasional
there is nothing that we can do other that they make the police report
so, the conclusion is ---> only me n cik tipah yang mengelinjang di Masjid India


sampai jea kat sane, kami menjalankan misi yang x berapa nak penting tue..
yg paling byk shopping of coz la cik tipah
i jadi fashion advisor jea *wek!!*
seronok sangat tengok tudung2 kat sana
heaven oke!!!
i yang pd mula nyer x nak membeli
at last tergoda gak ngan makcik jual kain tudung 2 *sigh*
so, habis rm30 for 2 scarfs *ngee*
em, at least we all dah tau maner nak tuju time nk beli baju raya nanti
tahun nie teraser cam nak pakai baju kebaya la plak *errrr*


after all the agony + fun session in Masjid India
we went home
er, why agony?
because there was so 'ramai giler' org *rimas*
and why fun?
because there are so much things to grab *yay!!*
and i did bought the big apple's doughnuts for my sibs
just imagine how i brought the doughtnuts ke hulu ke hilir from Midvalley to Masjid India
and the kids was so excited with the doughnuts (cam x pernah makan la plak)
the youngest 'hyper' dah bleh bercakap sket
but only a few words
the 1st time i heard her said 'bu' ----> for 'ibu'
the second word was 'x mau'
this time was sounds clearly
siap guna isyarat tangan 'x nak' lg
the other words not clear enough
somehow, she does understand what we are saying
she will do whatever we want her do
for an example, i did asked her to throw the paper into the dustbin in the kitchen
and she did it
oooh..she is soooo cute *hugs her*


today i'll pick up my report kesayangan from the hard cover shop
hopefully tomorrow i can post it to my uni already
malas nak pegang report tue lama2
and seriously
i just can't wait to finish up my internship
1 week ++ to go people *wee*

p/s- ibu cakap kan..saya kan..dah kurus sket berbanding hari tue *yay!!!*


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