Wednesday, May 20, 2009

that 'phrase'


yesterday i had picked up my report

and RM30 safely hand to the tauke

i've imagined that today i'll post my dearest report

in the office

i've found the paper that my lect gave me last time (when he did visited me)

there is a phrase that totally made my heart bumped quickly

lub dup lub dup lub dup

as fast as the superman wanna catch his enemy

then, i've opened the UniMAP's portal

just wanna make sure the 'phrase' is still valid or not

u guess what?

the 'phrase' still VALID!! *damn*

my report has been ready

but unfortunately the hard cover's format is WRONG


the 'phrase'


The main color of the hard cover is black
with a color lining on the backbone of the report

according to respective schools



main color is RED!!


actually i've followed the old format

and this is mean i need to do the new one

some more, need to wait another a week *sh!t*

byebye RM30


moral of the story - update yourself. do read the the directive carefully. haihh

p/s- miss him badly =(


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