Tuesday, May 12, 2009


hi all,

hidup tengah kelam-kabut skang

yesterday i went to a photocopy shop to make the hard cover for my INTRA's report

but unfortunately, pakcik kedai said that the UniMAP's logo is hard to make. wth??

i'll accept on whatever it take the cost for it, but still he said it's difficult to make

no matter how difficult it is, i'm his customer and he need to find the solution for it isn't it?

kalo semua kerja nak mudah + senang..haih..pikir sendiri la *damn*


i got the extension for my internship *yay!*

thank God for it

3 weeks to go to enrolling my life in PJ

even i can't wait o finish all this thing

my schedule for the next month will a lil' bit relax

i've planned to stay at my paklong's house located in Telok Mas, Melaka for the sem break

which is where my opah belong to

sirih pulang ke gagang people

but my true 'gagang' is Masjid Tanah

which seems no longer become my 'gagang' anymore *sigh*

oh, i can imagine my life in the next month

need to get up early in the morning (kat umah paklong, adalah ditegah sama sekali utk tido selepas subuh yea kawan2!!)

lepak-ing at home and watching astro

tolong maklong masak. wee~ *miss her*

oh yeah, my maklong is a warm-kind-hearted person

meanwhile my paklong is a tegas-sometime-garang person

he is my dad's older bro. which is there only the 2 of them

that's why i'm more 'manje' with them instead of other relatives (my mum side)

kalo org lain, balik kg waktu cuti sekolah

tp i balik umah paklong *ngee*

my bonding with my cuzzies are bind-so-tight

maybe cause we are growing up together

the most rapat is kak in (ain) + ikin

ikin was same age with me. meanwhile kak in is 27 years old this year

kak in dah kawen and got a chumell baby named zurin arissa *kiss her*


oke, i just can't wait to go home

eventhough it's not my real home

still, i consider it 'my home' since it is my opah's new home

i do miss my lil' sibs *sigh*

that both 'hyper' really entertaining

guess what? i'll visit them this weekend

oh yeah, last week cik tipah ajak i keluar weekend nie

cik mar pon ader plus her BF *eww*

will 'gelak x hingat dunia' on this weekend *yippie*

pelakon = me, kila, anis, alwie, koyum n naz

vanue = the heart of Perlis, Kangar

*gambar ehsan*

p/s- wanna free tan? perlis is the best place for it *ngee*


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