Wednesday, May 6, 2009

that memory..

hi gorgeous..

em, actually i wanna update our last weekend 'ngedate' session
but since all the pics with him
i need to keep it on hold *sorry*
anyway!! i've gave my 1st draft of my INTRA report to mr roy yesterday *fuh*
and i'll get it back by the end of this week
may there is no a lot of change
and it's better if there is zero change!!
now, i need to focus on my preparation for my INTRA's presentation
a lot of work to get it done people
my benchmark for all these kind of works will be on 17 May 2009


yesterday, he had an interview for INSTEP at JB
oh yeah!! did i mention to u that i've requested to my host company
to extend my internship till 29 May 2009?
yes, i did requested it last Monday
until now, i'm still didn't get the answer yet
they said, they need to consider it first
since it will including money matter
well, because of money i need to extend my internship act *ngee*
for my 'pocket money' in June
hey!! it will be 1 month break b4 i pursue my study
so, of course i need money didn't i?


OMG!! it is May already people!!
time flies so fast!!
next sem i'll become the 4th year student
all people know that the 4th year student will 'bergelumang' with Final Year Project (FYP) *sigh*
the 'nightmare' will begin in 2 months ++
am i ready yet?
can i say i'm not ready?
gosh!! what a life
still, i need to face it rite?
oke, calm down faza
u can do it
u know u can do it
after all, u need to do it though *wink*


oh..i miss the moment my late grandpa and i
it's been 1 year and 5 months he was gone
the greatest man in my life >> my late grandpa
he is the one who teach me how to walk + speak + read + write + make friend + swim + blablabla
i'm still remember the moment he sat in front of me
heard me practising for my story telling competition when i was 9
he was keep telephone me when ever i'm out with my gals
he did bought me any books that i want
he did came to skool when ever my teacher wanted him to *since i'm a school's 'hot babes'*
he did visited me once a week when i'm in hostel
he did called me 2-3 times a week when i'm away from home *college-hood + uni-hood*
and he also do visited me when i'm in the national service!!
oh my..really2 miss him
until now, my tears will drop down when ever i've read him 'yassin'
when ever i prayed for him
he was like my own 'father'
the moment i've got the news that he was gone, i just can't believe it!!
because 2 days before he gone, he did called me
order me to always remember the 'solat', asked me the routine Q's
the grief suddenly filled my world
more worse, at dat time i'm in Perlis
facing my final exam for the 3rd sem
i can't go home to see him for the last time
at the moment he was 'kebumi', i'm in the exam's hall
only God knows how i felt
that was the most sad part in my life
facing with one of my loved's death
he n my opah did raised me up
not my parent
i love him so much!!

plz God, keep him with the devouts people. Al-Fatihah. amin

p/s- the eternity is only for Him, the remain for us is memory. a beautiful memory.


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